Handgun Radio 125 - Famous Handguns in History

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.


This week, I’m joined by Weerd Beard and Listener Erik to discuss some famous handguns from history!!!

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Week in Review:


  • Checked out this cool single shot .22 LR my neighbor picked up. He said it was a Hawes break action single shot that has a great sight picture, great trigger and grip angle. It would be fun to sit there with a brick of 22 and a bunch of cans and steel plates downrange and just plink all day.

  • I am happy to announce an upcoming project with Bayside Custom Gunworks! We spoke with Chris, the owner of Bayside Custom Gunworks a few episodes back, and we decided to do a project. Chris will be taking a Model 60 that I have and making the “Ultimate Concealed Carry Snubby Revolver”. We will be documenting the whole project on the Handgun Radio Facebook page and Handgun Radio Discussion Group so be sure to go over there and like the pages for more information!!!



-Shot USPSA practice - RMR’d G17 for carry optics.

-Took trauma management class from local swat medic.

-Had girlfriend try various handguns at Anthony Arms in Pittsburgh, she ended up settling on a full size M&P in 9mm.  Despite having bad experiences at the range in the past, range staff was courteous and fellow shooters were as safe as they typically are at a public range.  Finally shot my Kel Tec P32.  It was awesome.

-28th birthday on April 8th.

Weerd-  I was in Florida, and I took my Father in Law shooting at Shoot Straight in Ft. Meyers Florida (https://shoot-straight.com/) Really good facility.   The indoor pistol range was well lit, VERY well ventilated, and they had complimentary eyes and ears (which I was a dummy and forgot mine).

He did really well!  And was right to the point,  ended up only shooting about 15 rounds

Drink Segment:  http://www.incredibrew.com/

For you beer lovers this place is AWESOME!   They have a huge recipe book, and you pick what you want,  then they tell you what you need to do, but you touch everything and make your beer,  then after it ferments you bottle it up and cart it home.   It’s really a good deal, and the beers come out really good….plus you can say you made it yourself...even if that isn’t exactly true.

Main Topic: Famous Handguns

Model 1910

PPK Hitler

J. Edgar Hoover Registered Magnum



George Patton’s Registered Magnum

Beretta Model 71 used by the Mossad


Paris Theodore’s ASP Pistol

Magnum PI’s Colt Series 70

Clark Gable’s Registered Magnum

Lethal Weapon/Die Hard Model 92


Beverly Hills Cop Browning High Power

Dirty Harry Model 29


Rohm RG 14 used by Hinkley

Sirhan Sirhan’s Iver Johnson Cadet .22 LR




Until Next Week, Have Fun and Safe Shooting!!!!!!