Handgun Radio 123 - A Discussion with Hickok45

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.


This week, I’m joined by Youtube gun channel legend Hickok45 to discuss the channel, the guns he’s had a chance to shoot, and much more!

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Week in Review:

Ryan- -Played a lot of music gigs, but got to check out the new S&W Victory .22 LR pistol, the Fostech Orgin 12 shotgun and the Glock 41 .45 Auto. Really cool & neat guns.

-Shot the Detonics Pocket 9 which is a 9mm with an “Annular Gas Ring” that supposedly slows the extraction of the fired case to allow for a lighter slide and spring weight than would normally be needed in a 9mm blowback. It still hurt to shoot. Also shot a Ruger Standard .22 LR. Nice, reliable, accurate .22 LR that has been serving the shooting public for many years.


Weerd-  Can you Believe it?  Got all but one nipple off my Walker colt.   Once this last one is free I’ll order a new set from track of the wolf and finally get back to FINALLY shooting my own cap and ball.

Also upgraded the trigger of my Neighbor’s M&P with an apex trigger.   Overall the install went smooth but for some strange reason I couldn’t get the rear sight off to replace the striker block.   My neighbor has a vice and we’re going to see if the extra slide support can get that block off.  (and before anybody asks,  yes I took out the retaining screw first!!!)

In other news I really need to buy a new punch kit...for some strange reason a buch of my brass punches are getting pretty mushroomed at the top.

Drink Segment: The Last Word:  https://youtu.be/oO4G5S00CDo

This drink has intrigued me for ages.  It’s gin-based which is always a good place to start,   it uses Green Chartreuse which is an exotic spirit I enjoy mixing with….but it also uses Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur which I found hard to find.     First up the Luxardo is NOT the cherry brandy you can buy for a few bucks,  that stuff tastes like cherry cough syrup, this stuff tastes like cherry, but also has some spicy and herbal notes that are really interesting.

Now the drink in it’s standard form is equal portions of gin, lime juice, luxardo, and chartruese.   Now this is a GOOD drink, but it’s a SWEET drink and I don’t like drinks that sweet.    I adjusted the recipe instead to have 2 parts gin, and one part of each the lime, chartreuse, and luxardo, and it’s much more to my tastes.

Main Topic: A Discussion with Hickok45

If you consider yourself a firearms enthusiast, chances are you’ve seen the Hickok45 YouTube channel. Starting 8 years ago, the Hickok45 channel has showcased many different firearms, and has over 1,200 videos on the Youtube channel. This week, we have the pleasure of talking with Hickok45 himself.


General Questions/Discussion Points:

  1. How did you originally get started doing the videos? I seem to remember hearing you were trying to illustrate some old west history?

  2. Do you reload most of the ammo you shoot? What about for the guns that have odd calibers that are less mainstream?

  3. Many people envy the setup that you have at the Compound. How long have you been building that up? What’s the shortest & longest distances you have for targets?

  4. Do you do much shooting when you aren’t filming videos?

  5. I really appreciate the post you made last year about our show! How did you end up hearing about HGR?

Video Specific Questions:


Ruger American Pistol

Walther PPS M2

Browning 1911 380

S&W 547 9mm Revolver


Kahr PM9

S&W 642 Chapter 2

Should You Load Five or Six? (SA Basics)

.500 Magnum vs Lawnmower




Until Next Week, Have Fun and Safe Shooting!!!!!!