Handgun Radio 122 - The Kimber K6s Revolver with Grant Cunningham & Weerd Beard

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.

This week, I’m joined by Grant Cunningham to discuss his involvement in the new Kimber K6s revolver as well as his new book Handgun Training: Practice Drills for Defensive Shooting

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Week in Review:

Ryan: Been pretty busy with a few music gigs, but I did get the chance to pick up a Taurus PT-22 Poly. I’ve heard good things about this particular model and so far I’ve been quite impressed with it. I have 250 rounds downrange with it and the only non-ammunition related malfunction was a stovepipe jam and it happened after a lot of shooting with the gun. These guns don’t have extractors so as the gun gets dirty you can encounter spotty extraction problems. Otherwise I’ve been very impressed.


Weerd Beard:  EMPTY NEST!   My daughter is with her grandparents for a few days,  so I will have some undisturbed quiet time to install the apex trigger in my neighbor’s M&P, and hopefully get the nipples off my Walker Colt.   Probably going to log some range time in the freezing cold too!


Drink Segment:Jagerita.   Seriously it’s good,  surprisingly good.   2oz Jagermister, 1oz lime juice, 1 oz Triplesec.   https://youtu.be/Gk5cxWmbxu4



Main Topic: The Kimber K6s Revolver & Handgun Training with Grant Cunningham

A few days before SHOT Show this year, I happened to see an advertisement that was making the rounds on social media. Knowing that many times these ads are hoaxes or otherwise unauthorized, I approached this one with a skeptical eye. Why? Because it seemed to hint that Kimber, the company who is known for their 1911’s and bolt-action rifles would be making a revolver. It was a vague ad, with a picture of a backlit revolver cylinder that had flat sides. Then Media/Industry day at the range happened, and we found out what it was: The Kimber K6s revolver. A stainless steel, 6 shot .357 magnum revolver that is reminiscent of the “hammerless” J-frames. It has a number of features that you DON’T normally see on a small revolver however; user adjustable/replaceable sights straight from the factory, a 6 shot capacity in .357 (which was a market formerly dominated by the Colt Detective Special), countersunk chambers which reminds me of my S&W Model 19-4 and a factory grip that fills in the space behind the trigger guard allowing for proper hand fit and improved control. I was really impressed by what I saw, and while it was an uphill battle wading through the legions of Kimber haters, the ones that did put beside their dislike for the company actually all seemed really impressed with the product. I kind of had an idea that Grant may have been involved in the revolver, and sure enough he began commenting about it and then announced it. Grant had consulted for them and been a part of the design team, so we welcome him back to the show to discuss the gun.


  1. How did this whole saga get started with Kimber and the K6s?

  2. What are the main disadvantages to today’s small revolvers that you thought could be remedied by the design of the K6s?

  3. What sorts of obstacles are there in bringing a brand new design from initial concept to full production?

  4. Where you had input on the design, I assume that your number one priority was total reliability. Did you have any input on the mechanical function of the design (eliminating parts, making parts out of a particular material, etc.) in order to ensure that reliability?

  5. I notice you didn’t pick the S&W style latch or the Colt style latch, but something more akin to the Ruger push-button cylinder latches. Was there a particular reason for that?

  6. The sights are a huge change over your typical snubby revolver sights. Were there any challenges in trying to incorporate that into the design?

  7. Countersunk chambers that completely enclose the casehead aren’t normally seen on modern revolvers. I have two revolvers, one 19-4 with the countersunk chambers, and a 66-3 without them. I prefer the countersunk chambers. Why was that included in the design of the K6s?

  8. We’ve talked about trigger pull of the J-frame revolvers and that “hump” that you hit midway through the trigger pull. Many people who checked the gun out at SHOT Show said that the trigger was quite good. How difficult is it to design a revolver trigger that is exceptional out of the box?

  9. Listener Question from Chuck B: Will there be longer/bigger grips available for those people who don’t like boot grips? Speedloaders?

  10. Listener Question from Joshua Gideon: Will there be a “Grant Cunningham Signature Edition” with the revolver sporting tie-dye grips & a bottle of the finest Kombucha packaged in a free-trade sourced Mahogany wood box?  

  11. How far does Kimber want to get into the revolver business? Are there future models on the horizon? Different calibers? Barrel lengths?



Grant also recently released a book we had chatted about before when he was first starting it: Handgun Training: Practice Drills for Defensive Shooting. The book is a collection of drills and other practice plans to help improve your defensive shooting skills.

  1. Last time we talked the book was still being written. Now that it has been published, how has the reception been?

  2. Did you find writing this book harder or easier than the other books?

  3. I also notice you have a larger format for this book than the others. Was that your decision or the publishers? It makes for easy reading of the drills and other information.

  4. What is the best piece of advice you can give someone who buys this book and wants to incorporate some of the drills into their practice regimen?

Grant, thank you for coming on! Where can people find more information about you and keep up to date on your projects?



Until Next Week, Have Fun and Safe Shooting!!!!!!