HGR 109 - Alternative Carry Methods

Hello and welcome to Episode 109 of Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.This week, TJ and I discuss the various “alternative” methods of carry that don’t get discussed as much as IWB, OWB and Pocket Carry.

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Week in Review:

Ryan: - Spent some time at A&G Shooting & Supply in Fairfield, ME and used my new lightbox to take pictures of most of the pistols in their inventory. There is an album on the handgun radio facebook page that I am slowly adding to as i get the pictures color corrected a bit. Check it out at this link!!!

TJ: - A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to film episode of First Person Defender, on YouTube, produced by Gun Talk Media. It's show that puts ordinary concealed carriers into force-on-force type scenarios to evaluate their response, train them on one aspect that could improve the outcome, and run the scenario again, but with a slight change, to keep it fresh. It was an amazing, eye-opening experience that I am glad to have been a part of. It was great getting to meet Tom Gresham, Chris Cerino, and the rest of the staff. Look for my episode to release some time in November. In the mean time, take a look at their previous two seasons.

First Person Defender - Season 1

First Person Defender - Season 2

Main Topic: Alternative Carry Methods

There are many ways to carry a firearm, some are better than others. Some are more dangerous than others. Some are just not thought through (The “Handgun Sling” that I saw today comes to mind). TJ and I have a little bit of experience with a few of these more unconventional methods, so we thought it might be a good idea to discuss some of the more off the wall options that are out there so you as a concealed carrier can be better informed when choosing your method of carry. Before we start, don’t take us criticizing a particular carry method as a complete write-off of it, but just be aware of the particular situations where that method of carry would be the best option for you, i.e. someone who is seated driving a lot using ankle carry, perhaps a cab driver.

Carry Methods:

Carry in various pockets? Gun IWB in right belt and pocket gun in left pocket?

Ankle Carry:

-Great for when driving/seated for long periods of time where the IWB or pocket holster would be inaccessible.

-Good for small backup guns

-ABSOLUTELY, 100% get a high quality ankle holster, this is no place to get cheap, your leg is a moving object and the gun can come loose.

-Lightweight guns are the best. Less mass equals less chance of the gun coming loose.

Ankle Carry Demonstration - Armed Dynamics

OWB Small of the Back Carry:

  • Can be dangerous because a fall where you land on your back could cause serious injury to to the spine or disable you for a temporary period of time because of nerve damage.
  • The draw can be stalled by someone who can see you coming around the body.

An example from Gunner Holsters that tries to minimize the risk of Small of Back carry

MIC Holster/Trigger guard Cover:

The MIC Holster, and similar offerings, is a pretty specialized type of carry. It is basically a kydex holster that only covers the trigger guard and a loop of cordage. You attach the loop to your belt, clip the holster over the trigger guard, then put the gun into your waistband. The sling keeps the gun from falling down into your pants, while the holster keeps the trigger covered and safe.

One negative of this type of carry is that since there is no hard attachment, the gun can move around, possibly making it not be in the exact position you need it in. The main drawback, though, is that once the handgun is drawn, the holster is pulled out, and you cannot easily reholster the gun. It requires both hands and a bit of time.

The major advantage I see to this method is the ease of keeping a holster with you, no matter what. If you carry in a bag, but want the option to transition to on-body carry, this style of holster can always be with the gun. It can also serve to cover the trigger in a bag/purse.

MIC Holster

Firearms Insider Review

Bellyband Carry:

The belly band is a very unique option. The design of a belly band is generally an elastic band with hook and loop closure. The holster part is usually a sort of pouch that you put the gun into. They generally don’t have retention straps, and rely solely on the elasticity of the band to hold it in. The major advantage of the belly band is that you can carry a large handgun with accessories, with pants that don’t have adequate belt loops or none at all, such as basketball shorts or scrubs. Researching this option, I found the Crossbreed Belly Band. It uses a large velcro field that you can attach one of their Purse Defender holsters, which is a Kydex body with a Velcro backer that you can attach to any other Velcro. With this option, you have the retention of a Kydex holster, as well as different mounting, depth, and cant options. It also offers a few accessory pouches in the band that can be used to hold spare magazines, knives, flashlights, or whatever suits your fancy. There’s also larger pouch designed to hold handcuffs, for off-duty officers, but would be more suited for carrying an ID, cell phone, or backup gun, as an everyday citizen.

Here is an example of me wearing mine with Glock 19, two 19 round mags, and a Smith and Wesson Shield while wearing my old high school gym shorts that barely hold themselves up.

Crossbreed Belly Band

Necklace/Bra Holster

  • Method of carry allows one to wear a necklace with a holster at the end concealed by the shirt, typically with the grip of the handle pointing toward the strong side arm of the carrier.
  • Some point upward, which I would find disconcerting, but most point horizontally.
  • Difficult to access from the bottom underneath a typical t-shirt. Might not conceal well under a front-button shirt.


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