HGR 095 - Gun Library Extravaganza with Weerd Beard

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This past week, I met up with Weerd Beard at Cabelas during the long weekend and we perused the gun library and got to see some really cool handguns & rifles!

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Product Discussion:

Zero Carry

Main Topic: Gun Library Extravaganza with Weerd Beard

Smith & Wesson Mark II Hand Ejector .455 Webley

Merwin & Hulbert in .44-40 W.C.F.

Savage 1907 .380

Browning Hi-Power w/Stock

Rossi Presentation “Manuel Noriega”

Colt Officers Model .38 Special Second Issue

Video of the Merwin-Hulbert Action

Colt New Service .38-40

Steyr M9A1

Weerd Got Some .22 LR!!!

Ryan Got Some Small Pistol Primers Times TWO!


Until next week, have fun & SAFE SHOOTING!!