HGR 088 - Grand Power Handguns with Alex Melnichak

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This week, I’m joined by Alex Melnichak to discuss the Grand Power handguns and his shooting career with them!!!

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Week in Review:

Ryan: Ten days until the NRA 2015 Annual Meetings! We will be doing a listener meetup so be sure to stay tuned to the Handgun Radio and Firearms Radio Network facebook pages to hear more details about that when they get finalized! If you are going to be at NRA send me a message on Facebook to the Handgun Radio page or to my email ryan@handgunradio.com and we will do our best to try to meet up! Look for me on the show floor I’ll have a black shirt with the Handgun Radio logo on it!

Alex: (How did your matches go this weekend?)

Main Topic: Grand Power Handguns with Alex Melnichak

Alex is a shooter on the Immortal Arms Shooting team and we have been speaking for awhile now. One of the things that most intrigued me about his shooting was his choice of gun; The Grand Power series of handguns made in Slovakia. I’ve not had a chance to shoot one although I have handled them and I find them to be really attractive and well-built firearms. I wanted to have Alex on the show to discuss his experiences with the Grand Power handguns as well as his experiences in the shooting world in general.

  1. Alex how did you get started shooting?
  2. When did you first do some competitive shooting?
  3. What guns did you first use when you started shooting?
  4. What guns do you choose for self-defense vs the guns you choose for your competition work?
  5. What drew you to the Grand Power handguns specifically?
  6. What advantages have you found with the Grand Power platform?
  7. If GP could come out with a gun that was specifically designed by you from the ground up based upon their traditional platform, what would it look like?
  8. Do you feel the rotating barrel system offers any inherent accuracy advantages?
  9. Do you notice any differences with the slide rails running on the inside of the frame?
  10. What have you found in terms of parts availability and upgrades?


Thanks Alex for coming on!

Until next week, have fun and SAFE SHOOTING!!!