HGR 073 - Alien Gear Holsters & Tedder Industries

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This week, I’m joined by Tyler from Tedder Industries to discuss Alien Gear holsters and the many other products they offer!

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Week in Review:


  • Got in the brand new Lone Wolf Ultimate Adjustable Trigger for Test and Evalutation! Be sure to keep listening to the show and watch the Facebook page for updates!
  • Still enjoying the Kahr CM9 9mm. Ran another 50 rounds through it with perfect functioning!
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Main Topic: Alien Gear Holsters & Tedder Industries

This week I’m joined by Tyler from Tedder Industries, the makers of the Alien Gear holster.

Tyler, what exactly is Tedder Industries? What does the company do?

Alien Gear holsters is one product under the Tedder Industries umbrella, are there any other products under that same umbrella?

The holster market is definitely a crowded one. What makes Alien Gear holsters stand out amongst that huge sea of holster manufacturers?

What are some of the most common problems you see people encounter when choosing a holster?

How do you guys decide which model holsters to make?

With the rise in concealed carry permit holders, has the company seen a significant shift toward more holsters that are designed for maximum concealment vs. the standard belt holsters or has the need for both products stayed pretty much consistent with what you’ve seen in the past?

Any new offerings upcoming for Alien Gear Holsters & Tedder Industries?


Thanks for coming on Tyler!

Until next week, have fun and SAFE SHOOTING!