HGR 061 - Bulletproof Tech with Doc Wesson

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wilds of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world. This week, I am joined by the one and only Doc Wesson from the Gun Nation Podcast to discuss making things bulletproof and the theory behind it!

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Week in Review:

Ryan:  -Posted the review of the Bore-Tips and Gun-Tips cleaning implements over at the Firearms Insider! Go check them out here! They are a really great product and made gun cleaning just that much easier!

-Worked on loading up some .38 Special and some 9mm for an upcoming range trip!!!!

Doc: -Was planning to do some shooting, but it didn’t come to fruition.

Main Topic: Bulletproof Tech with Doc Wesson

When the discussion comes up about what is “bulletproof” there is an important distinction to be made. Very few things are bullet “proof”; the majority of the items we think of in that category are actually bullet “resistant”. Repeated hits to a NIJ-IIIA bullet resistant material will more than likely penetrate the object. We will be discussing the theory behind bullet resistant materials and how they are designed.

Levels of NIJ Bullet Resistance:

NIJ I: .22 LR thru .380 ACP

NIJ II: Higher Velocity 9mm (1,175 fps) & .357 Magnum

NIJ IIA: Lower Velocity 9mm and .40 S&W

NIJ IIIA: .44 Magnum & 9mm Submachine Gun Ammo ( 124 grain @ 1,400 FPS)

NIJ III: High-Powered Rifle (7.62x51mm NATO; 150 grains @ 2,750 fps)

NIJ IV: Armor-Piercing Rifle (.30-06; 166 grain @ 2,850 fps)

(Stats courtesy of Officerstore.com)

Ceramic Plate vs. Flexible Vest:

Theory Behind Bullet Resistance (i.e. how do some of the most popular bullet resistant materials ACTUALLY work):

What causes bullet resistant items to fail?:

Obscure/Nonexistent Gun We Want: Pick any gun you want just to have it. It doesn’t have to exist, or it could be an idea that you have that you want to see made. i.e. Ruger LCP in .22 LR.

Ryan: Colt (if they could get their act together) could come out with a slim, single stack 9mm that was made out of modern materials, yet had the lines of the classic 1903. Using modern manufacturing techniques, I bet they could make a great pistol!

Doc:  Ruger LC9SNTS (LC9 Striker Fired No Thumb Safety)


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