HGR 047 - Randy Lee of Apex Tactical Specialties

This week, we have a very special guest: Randy Lee from Apex Tactical Specialties here with us to discuss what Apex does and how they can take your competition or defensive handgun to the next level.

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Week in Review:


- Got a chance to head out to the range today to shoot many different guns. We did video on six rifles and five handguns. There is a link to a video overview of the guns you will see posted on the Ryan Michad/Handgun Radio YouTube channel in the coming month (s) so be sure to go check that out!


  • Working on new products.

Main Topic: Randy Lee of Apex Tactical Specialties

-How did you get started shooting? First guns?

-What got you into the world that is now Apex Tactical Specialties?

-Apex is known for its superb competition upgrades to S&W Revolvers and now M&P autos. Does Apex offer specific tuning packages based upon the customer's needs? (i.e. defense vs. competition)

-How much can be done to tweak a revolver or auto by simply putting in a drop-in part, and how much just requires the work of a good gunsmith?

-What makes a good replacement part? (or drop-in part)

-We have spoken on the show a lot about what makes a defensive revolver or auto difficult to shoot, but what makes revolvers & autos difficult to shoot in competition?

-If you could see one change made to modern production handguns (both revolvers and automatics) what would you do?

-If you could design the Randy Lee Special Revolver and Auto, what would they look like? Caliber?


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