HGR 036 - Forgotten Weapons with Ian McCollum

HGR 036 - Forgotten Weapons with Ian McCollum

This week, we discuss some of the more strange, obscure or forgotten weapons with special guest Ian McCollum, the proprietor of the Forgotten Weapons website!

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Week in Review:


  • Finally fixed my S&W Model 60! Got the bolt in from Brownells and it is working great again! I also was looking for a boot grip for pocket carry, but didn’t want to spend the money (cheap, I know). I had a pair of Pachmayr Compacs with the pinky rest that I didn’t really care for. With some careful application of the bandsaw, I had a boot grip that is somewhat to my liking now!
  • Also got my new belt in from Aker Leather. It is a really great belt with a polymer strip insert inside of it to make it more rigid when carrying your firearm. So far I am very impressed with the materials and construction of the belt. Look for a review once I have tested it more thoroughly.


  • Astra 400 Anarchist Copy

Main Topic: Forgotten Weapons & Strange Handguns

Ian is the owner of the website Forgotten Weapons and runs a great YouTube page as well. We will be discussing his website, along with some of the more strange and weird handguns he’s seen, shot or researched.

General Questions:

  • What got you started collecting/researching firearms?
  • What prompted you to start Forgotten Weapons?


  • Jo Lo Ar:
    • Notable Features: Side cocking lever?
  • Schwarloze 1908:
    • Uncommon method of operation, using the ‘blow-forward’ principle rather than the more common blowback.

Anything cool coming up on FW Ian?


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