HGR 030 - Gunsmith, Author, Trainer: A Discussion With Grant Cunningham

HGR 030 - Gunsmith, Author, Trainer: A Discussion with Grant Cunningham

In this week’s episode, Ryan has a discussion with Grant Cunningham who is a nationally known author, gunsmith and trainer. He specializes in double-action revolvers, particularly Colts and Rugers, and has a great perspective on the firearms world.

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We are going to skip the week in review this time, and head right into the discussion with Mr. Grant Cunningham!

Main Topic: Gunsmith, Author, Trainer: A Discussion with Grant Cunningham

So Grant, for the people who aren’t familiar with your work, what do you do?

1.) For the people who don't know, how did you get started in the gunsmithing business? In the training business?

2.) In what direction do you see the custom pistolsmithing business moving over the next 5 to 10 years?

3.) People often say "revolvers are old school and a semi-auto is what you need in today's world". Why do many people like you and I still consider the revolver to be a viable handgun in today's "high speed-low drag" world?

4.) In reading Massad Ayoob's excellent "Greatest Handguns of the World" series of books, he mentions your work on Colt & Ruger revolvers in particular. Most notably, that you are one of the very few people in the country who can tune a Colt action properly.  What drew you to work on those brands specifically?

5.) Of what project are you the most proud, or what is your favorite?

6.) What was the most difficult gunsmithing task you have ever undertaken?

7.) What is the biggest mistake you see kitchen table gunsmiths make?

8.) What would be your advice for someone who wants to get started as a custom gunsmith?

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