HGR 029 - Holsters, Mag Pouches & Reloads

HGR 029 - Holsters, Mag Pouches & Reloads

This week, Ryan and Steve Remy, Law Enforcement Specialist for the Firearms Radio Network discuss some of the different holster styles, along with methods of carrying spare ammunition and other concealed carry gear!

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Week in Review:

Ryan: Did some more shot show videos, did some videos for the Ruger LCP with a review upcoming for FI

Steve: Busy week at work, unfortunately nothing firearms related.  Discussing a proposal to move from aging Sigs to S&W M&Ps as a cost effective move due to lifetime warranty to LE agencies.

Main Topic: Holsters, Mag Pouches & Reloads

We’re just going to cover some of the various types of holsters one can use for concealed carry or duty wear, and then discuss how to carry reloads and what to carry those reloads in.



  • Can cause discomfort (grip rubbing against side)
  • Some models allow you to tuck your shirt in around the clip.
  • Metal clips tend to lose spring tension; Plastic Clips will not.
  • Typically suited for smaller autos and revolvers (I carry my Model 60 J-frame in a Galco IWB holster.)

Belt Holster (small, compact type for CCW):

  • Belt slide type holsters like the one from Don Hume are just open topped leather holsters that offer a compact belt holster for your smaller guns.
  • I have one from Don Hume for my Model 60.  It is a good holster, but it has no retention devices whatsoever. If I had to run aggressively, I think the gun could come out of the holster.
  • I have much better luck with IWB holsters when carrying small autos or revolvers. I reserve belt holsters for larger duty sized guns like a 4” barreled S&W revolver.
  • You can have the best belt holster in the world, but if you have a weak belt it won’t mean anything if you are ever involved in a struggle. Wear a belt specifically designed for heavy use, to include the leather and the buckle; academy story.
  • Belt versus paddle holsters; same academy story.

Duty Type Holsters:

  • Retention levels (1, 2, 3 etc.) depending on how many “secure” features it has
  • Security levels developed primarily by Safariland (Level Descriptions)
  • Limited concealment
  • Practice practice practice is the key

Shoulder Holsters:

  • Good for seated /concealment options (flying, driving etc.)
  • Take a little getting used to, especially the draw

Ankle Holsters:

  • Can be awkward until you get used to them
  • Depending on the firearms, can offer extreme concealment
  • Difficult to access quickly, even with practice
  • Use for a backup firearm, if use as primary it is for lower risk or high concealment situations

Pocket Holsters:

  • Necessary to cover the trigger for safety.
  • Also breaks up the outline of the gun for concealment.
  • Some are sticky, other have hooks to prevent withdrawal from pocket.



  • There are two main types of speedloaders the HKS twist-type release ones and the Safariland push-type release ones.  I find the push button release ones to be more intuitive and natural to use. The HKS ones are cheaper however.

Methods of Carrying Spare Magazines


  • Moon clips are a method of reloading a revolver that fires semi-automatic cartridges, which are usually rimless. This can allow for a fast reload, as the moon clip holds all the cartridges together, and accompanies them into the gun, unlike a speedloader which you discard after the reload.
  • Moon clips are typically somewhat fragile, and can get bent.  If you happen to carry a revolver that uses moon clips, be aware that even the slightest bend in the moon clip can cause your revolver to bind up.

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