HGR 011 - Honeymoon Handguns

HGR 011 - Honeymoon Handguns

Ryan discusses some of the handguns he got the chance to see in Florida during his Honeymoon.

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Week In Review:

  • Spent the past week in Florida for my Honeymoon with my wife.  Got the chance to visit some gun stores in the Central Florida and Tampa area.  I was really impressed with the stores down here and will be highlighting one of those stores for our Main Topic this week.
  • I have been getting many emails from listeners describing their experiences with the 1911 platform handguns and will be doing an episode on the various brands and models available either next week or the following week. Thank you all for your input!
  • I have also been getting many emails for the Listener Frequently Asked Questions episode I have planned for early October.  There is still time to write in! If you think of ANYTHING you have ever wondered about in the handgunning/shooting world please send me an email. I will set a deadline of Friday, October 4th for the Listener FAQ’s emails.
  • Also, I know this is not related to handguns per se, but I got the chance to handle a family friend’s AR-15 that he had built by Dragonfire Armory in Winter Haven, FL.  I was very impressed with the build quality of the rifle, and while I did not have a chance to test fire it, I have no doubts that it would function with great reliability and accuracy.  They also list many pistols for sale on their website as well.  Check them out and if you have any feedback on their products please email me at ryan@handgunradio.com

Main Topic: Honeymoon Handguns with Deer Hunter Guns

  • During our stay in Florida and at the suggestion of Braden Gunn from the Big & Wild Outdoors radio show, my wife and I visited Deer Hunter Guns in Clearwater, FL.  I have never walked into a gun shop and felt welcomed like an old friend like I did at this shop.  We walked in and were immediately asked if we would like something to drink, and the hospitality and service were first rate.  I would like to extend a special thank-you to Chuck, David & Charlie for their welcoming attitude and willingness to show me whatever handgun I wanted to look at.  That is customer service that is sadly lacking in many shops.  If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend visiting them. I’d like to discuss a few of the fine handguns I got to examine while there.

1.) Whitney Wolverine .22 LR Pistol:

  • The Whitney Wolverine was a .22 LR pistol that was manufactured in a very modern style for the time.  Introduced in 1956, it was only produced until 1958.  However, the Whitney Wolverine used many advanced manufacturing techniques that are in widespread use today.
  • Designed by Robert Hillsberg who also designed the COP .357 Magnum Derringer and many other firearms, the Whitney Wolverine utilized aluminum construction and the investment casting technique in order to produce the firearm.  
  • There were only 13,371 of the Whitney Wolverine made, with 500 being nickel plated and the rest being an anodized blue color.  
  • Hillsberg named the firearm after his favorite football team, the University of Michigan Wolverines.
  • While the gun had a space-age look and used modern manufacturing techniques, it sold for $39.95, which was slightly more expensive than the comparable Ruger .22 pistols of the time.  This ultimately contributed to the downfall of the company.
  • Today, the Olympic Arms company has resumed production of the Whitney Wolverine, using modern polymer construction and various other improvements on the design.

2.) Smith & Wesson .38/44 "Heavy Duty":

  • With the beginning of the Prohibition Era in the 1920’s, the gangsters of the period started using more powerful firearms and armored vehicles to thwart capture by law enforcement.  
  • The standard police sidearm of the time, the .38 Special revolver in it’s various iterations, was not up to the task of penetrating these armored vehicles and there was a great disparity in firepower between criminals and law enforcement.
  • S&W saw that they could not increase the power of the .38 Special round in their traditional revolvers, so they took the frame of the .44 Special Model of 1926 and fitted it with a .38 Special cylinder and barrel.  This new revolver was dubbed the .38/44 Heavy Duty. S&W also designed a new round to accompany the new revolver.
  • The new cartridge, the .38/44, was simply a .38 Special cartridge loaded hotter.  You would most likely not see something like this done today, for liability reasons. Loading a hot .38 Special into a standard revolver could be disastrous.
  • This revolver set the bar for the development of the .357 Magnum round a few years later, simply by lengthening the .38 Special case.

3.) The Bauer .25 ACP Automatic Pistol:

  • The Bauer .25 ACP was an American made copy of the Baby Browning .25 ACP pocket pistol.
  • The Bauer, unlike the Baby Browning, was made out of stainless steel rather than blued carbon steel, offering a measure of corrosion resistance for a small handgun meant to be carried concealed in a deep cover role.
  • The Bauer was manufactured in Fraser, Michigan from 1972 to 1984, and was popular with undercover police officers as a deep concealment firearm that was able to be carried discreetly.
  • Several parts from the Baby Browning can be interchanged with the Bauer .25 ACP, including the magazines.

4.) AMT Backup Semi-Automatic Pistol:

  • The AMT Backup was produced by Arcadia Machine & Tool beginning in the late 1970’s.  
  • Designed as a small and concealable backup firearm in a large service caliber, the AMT Backup was chambered in such calibers as .380 ACP, 9mm, .45 and others.
  • The AMT company had a spotty reputation for reliability, but the Backup series has a reputation as being somewhat more reliable than the other offerings from the AMT company.
  • Being made out of all stainless steel, the AMT was also somewhat of a modern handgun, as when it was introduced many firearms were still made out of standard blued steel.

Wrap Up:

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