HGR 001 - Pilot Episode - Bug Guns

HGR 001 - Pilot Episode - BUG Guns

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Welcome to the first EVER episode of Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad and this podcast will focus on the world of handguns.

Show Overview:

-Firearms & Firearms related topics are a hot button issue, especially today.  Handgun Radio will not follow a politics-free format, as we may inadvertently stray into politics while discussing firearms.

-However, we promise not to talk politics a great deal, as the listener would grow tired of that, as would we.

-The biggest thing that this show will be about is a fun, freewheeling discussion of topics relating to the handgunning world.

-Firearms history and development will be featured pretty often on the show - you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been!

-To have fun discussing firearms is to be engaged & informed; being engaged & informed is the best way to continue to enjoy the firearms lifestyle and protect our rights.

-My goal is to have this show feel like you just walked into a coffee shop in 1950’s America, and there are a bunch of guys sitting around enjoying their coffee & cigarettes, discussing their favorite guns or favorite loads. That roundtable-type discussion cannot be beat.

-To further that goal, we want your feedback! Tell us what you liked or didn’t like! Keep us informed, suggest show topics, whatever you want to say.  We value listener feedback! You, the listener, are just as much a part of this podcast as I am!

-The e-mail address for this episode is rmichad@gmail.com; that will be changing in the future however, stay tuned.

-I am a recent college graduate, majoring in Psychology.  I reside in Central Maine.  I fired my first handgun at age 10, a Smith & Wesson Model 66. I’ve been a handgun devotee ever since, I reload, and I am a huge history buff.  I really enjoy seeing oddball handguns and learning more about them.  Keeping an open mind and constantly learning is a lifelong goal of mine.

Main Topic - Backup Handguns or BUG Guns


  • A backup firearm to your primary sidearm. Talking in the realm of concealed carry; a full-service sized weapon in a major caliber, and then a backup firearm to that primary.

  • Carrying two handguns can be a challenge, depending upon attire and climate.

  • Typically, a backup handgun will be of a smaller caliber such as .32, .25, .380 & .22 LR/Mag.

  • Choices will also have to be appropriate to your given situation, i.e. crime rate in your area.

  • Carry what you feel comfortable with!

  • Some will choose a sub-compact version of their full size weapon to maintain caliber & magazine interchangeability; can be important in a high-stress situation by only having one caliber and magazine.

  • Weight + period of time carrying = very important consideration!

  • #1 consideration in a BUG: Reliability is everything.

  • Practice is #2; Practice, Practice, PRACTICE! With a smaller gun, those little mistakes in shooting technique are greatly magnified.

  • Know the limitations of your chosen firearm.

Backup Guns & The Caliber Argument:

  • Caliber for the backup gun is not as important as the main service firearm. Backup guns are typically smaller firearms, which tend to translate into smaller caliber.

  • Some say the .22 LR is not a viable self-defense cartridge; however, in a backup gun .22 LR is very attractive because the guns that it can be chambered in can be very small, i.e. the North American Arms Mini-Revolver.

  • .22 Magnum is also a decent choice for a backup gun.  The ultra-concealable NAA Mini-Revolvers are also chambered in .22 Magnum. Advancements in ammunition design have made this a viable backup cartridge.  Speer now carries a Gold Dot load for the .22 Magnum.

  • The .25 ACP is an interesting cartridge; it is the smallest mass produced centerfire pistol cartridge. However, it has limited penetration and is often beaten by the .22 Magnum in performance.  The .25 ACP is typically better reserved as a curiosity rather than a self-defense cartridge.

  • .32 ACP & .380 ACP are typically the standard backup gun calibers.

  • .32 ACP is loud, but even in a small firearm, it is quite controllable.

  • .380 ACP or 9mm Kurz (Short) is a very common backup gun caliber, chambered in many firearms including the Ruger LCP.

  • .380 ACP is great. With modern .380 ammunition you are near 9mm Parabellum performance in a small package.

  • J-Frame revolvers from Smith & Wesson are also a great choice for backup guns. Made both in scandium and stainless steel they are great alternatives to the more modern offerings.

  • Two interesting alternative cartridges are the .32 NAA and the .25 NAA. The .32 NAA is a .380 ACP case necked down to .32 caliber. The .25 NAA is a .32 ACP case necked down to .25 caliber. Ballistic performance is impressive.


A big thank-you to Jake and everyone at the Firearms Radio Network for being our bandwidth sponsor and for being so supportive in this first phase of the Handgun Radio Podcast.


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Thanks for listening!!!!