Guns of Hollywood 007 – Dirty Harry

Guns of Hollywood looks down the barrel of a .44 magnum as they take on the Clint Eastwood
classic Dirty Harry.

Do you remember the P38 or the MP 40? No, all you can remember is that Smith and Wesson 29! Join us as we talk about all the guns in this over the top rogue cop film. 

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As promised here is the video of Allie shooting a Smith and Wesson 629 (didn’t have a 29 available) .44 magnum.

Video was filmed at Talon Range in Tallahassee, Florida. It’s a great range with some terrifictraining opportunities and a first class line of  holsters.  Special thanks to Haynes Poole for doing the camera work.

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Your hosts: Samuel Azner and Allie Howe