Gun Guy Radio 205 - Accessorize My Firearm

Welcome to episode 205 of Gun Guy Radio! This is the podcast that shines a positive light on the firearms lifestyle. I’m your host Jake Challand, This is your weekly dose of positive firearms talk, without the politics

Week in Review:

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Main Topic: Accessory Options For My First Gun


  • Spare Magazines

  • Better Iron/Fixed Sights

  • Better Trigger

  • Holster

  • Gripstop/ Vertical grips

  • Flashlights

  • Lasers


  • Optics

    • Red Dot Pistol or Rifle

    • Magnified

  • Interchangeable barrels

  • Springs

  • Stippling

  • Just for fun or Bling Bling

  • Cerakote/Paint

  • Pistol Bayonet

Next Week: Gun storage myths exposed!

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GGR 060 - Buy Buy Buy

Steve and Greg join Jake to talk about how much ammo is enough.  As well as preparedness issues like food, money and firearms.

Welcome to Episode 060 of Gun Guy Radio,----this is the podcast that shines a positive light on the firearms lifestyle.  I’m Your host Jake Challand and this is Steve the Law enforcement officer from Texas and Greg Bakken the oppressed California Gun Owner.  This is your weekly dose of positive firearms talk, without the politics.

Week in Review:

  • Jake and iOS APP,  Interns needed, membership, NRA Houston Meetup
  • Greg - Spoke with a potential sponsor, picked up more AR-15 parts
  • Steve - Recently received M&P9 from Quantico Tactical.  Shot several hundred rounds at the range and it performs flawlessly.  Ate up all kinds of ammo.  Shot a bunch of steel targets at the range recently and loved it.  Very addicting and it eats up ammo quickly.  Participated in some stress training while shooting (running/exercise before shooting), keeps your heart rate up while shooting.

Main Topic:  Panic Purchasing

  • Ammo Stockpiling: How much is too much?
  • Reloading

Brass vs Steel Case Ammo Article:

Firearms Purchase Justifications:

  • safety
  • bans
  • parts

Survival Overboard:

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Listener Feedback:

Jim: I love the show. Have you guys considered doing a show about survival and preparedness related guns such as the AR7, M6 Scout, marlin papoose, etc?

Just a thought. Thanks for slipping the politics!

Bob Desrosiers   pronounced (day-ros-ee-aa):  First of all I want to congratulate you all for your great show and all its success. I hope some govt' media regulation in the future doesn't shut you down (joke).

I used to be more active in firearms until I had to sell most off because I was in dire need of money, bad choice at the time, but...... Anyway my daughters boyfriend got me into listening to you guys and I am now being reintroduced into firearms, guns that weren't even available when I was younger and still owned all of mine.

So, my main goal (minimum) is to re-acquire three main firearms, handgun, shotgun, and long rifle (3 gun?) I have recently purchased the hand gun (Sig P226-e2 40s&w) and am now in the market for the long rifle. Along with all the enthusiasm in the AR platform which I really want, but am putting that in fourth place, along with my own interest there seems to me a growing interest in long distance (500-1000 yd) shooting.

I am researching what a "good" entry level Long distance (sniper?) rifle might be and have been seriously looking at the Remington 700 platform ( sps, p, aac, etc.) so many choices,... and its not like you're comparing apples to apples? What I have come up with is that there is a lot of conflicting/differing opinions surrounding the subject. I am not looking for a rifle that I plan on hauling around for hunting, this is more for target shooting, "personal [self] competition" not sniping!  The basic Remington barrels seem to be +1:10 or +1:12 twist which from what I have been reading is pretty slow and that the new mentality is 1:7 1:8? I guess I can go on and on with barrel lengths, weight, calibers, scopes, its all interesting but I am losing my way. Can you get a show or multiple shows to center around long distance shooting are more specifically the LD setups (hardware) for getting into the sport?

Thanks for all your time and efforts in your podcasts you have a lifetime listener.

Could you give a shout out to Eric Young in Portland Oregon, and Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Dept. Company 4 in Fredericksburg Virginia, the best firehouse in the county!

Aloha from Chauncey:  I just wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how much I enjoy your podcast.  I am a relatively new listener and have finally caught up with all the episodes.  It has taken me several months to finally figure out what your show is about.  It is a podcast posing as a gun show but, in reality, it is a show about entrepreneurship and small business development.  If I did not know better, I would shout CONSPIRACY!  Probably a covert operation of the Obama administration to spur economic recovery and to drive down unemployment.

Your questions (both of you and some of your other cohosts) are insightful and often about how the business got started.  Very informative, the gun stuff is just an aside.  Cases in point include recent interviews with Brownells, Mid-South Shooters, Chris Cheng, and Evil Roy (Gene).

Along these lines you might consider interviewing Skinner Sights and Grace Screwdrivers – both are gun-related small business who place customers first and provide excellent service.

I have also noticed that while the gun stuff is always good, the human side of your interviewees is fascinating.  Examples are the same folks noted above.  Stripping aside the guns and covert entrepreneurship, its about people.  You do this so well – with one exception.  You do not bring out the interesting backgrounds of yourselves.  I think you should have a section on the show to interview each other to bring out how you got started and your vision for the future. You already do some of this but I have a feeling there is more, much more.  I would welcome this human interest segment.

Finally, you should consider offering a GMBA – gun business MBA.  You do inspire folks in ways you do not overtly know.

Keep up the great work – even though it is a bit covert.

Stuart: Hey guys, I know the "Gun Trucks" episode was a while ago. But I had to write in and tell you of my experience.

I work in the oil field of Utah. Constantly driving in all weather conditions from 100 degrees in the summer to -30 almost every winter. Dirt roads most of the time and lots of miles each day. The trucks are also loaded +24/7 with 1000-2000 lbs of equipment and tools. We also put 150,000 miles on every truck before we get a new one. The company I work for has a couple hundred trucks. Dodge Ford and GM. I have seen a lot of the good and bad of the these three.

Hands down, worst out of the three is Ford. They have more problems than the other 2 combined. All the guys who have them hate them. You name it. Fords have problems with it. In the middle is Dodge. They do significantly better out here. And the best is GM. Rarely have problems with them.

I believe I have a fair assessment given my 8 years in the oil field and have seen hundreds of trucks, drivers,and lots and lots of miles. I bet 90% of the 400+ employees here will agree with me. The reason why a company goes with Ford or Dodge over GM is that they save a few grand. We have all tried to tell senior management that they will make it up in repair costs. But they won't listen.

I can't speak for the half ton trucks. or the 1 ton or larger trucks. we mainly drive 3/4 tons.

And after all this is said I will drive any of them before any foreign riff raff.

I might make a few enemies by saying this but it's the honest truth of what i have seen and experienced.

Thanks for the great shows.

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