Gun Guy Radio 206 - Gun Storage Myths Exposed

Welcome to episode 206 of Gun Guy Radio! This is the podcast that shines a positive light on the firearms lifestyle. I’m your host Jake Challand, This is your weekly dose of positive firearms talk, without the politics.

Week in Review:

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Main Topic: Gun storage myths exposed!

Kids & Guns Myths:

  • I can just “hide” my gun from my kids

  • It’s better that they don’t even know I have a gun

  • I can put it up high out of their reach

Gun Storage:

  • Not really a gun “safe”

    • Fire safes

    • Document Safes

    • Closet

    • Dresser

    • Cabinet

  • Marketed gun storage solutions

    • Stack-On safes

    • Bedside holsters

    • In wall lockers (easy to “hide”)

    • Gun storage furniture (most close with magnetic child lock)

    • Other “metal” lockers

Gun Safes:

  • Fire resistant Gun safes

    • No safe is fireproof

  • Vault style safes

  • Quick Access Safes

  • Specialty Safes

Breaking into Gun Safes

Watch this first:

Breaking into safes

11 Myths about Gun Safe Theft Protection

So what are some realistic solution Gun Storage solution for you?

Next Week: I want to carry my first gun

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