Gun Guy Radio 198 - Long Range Rifle Shooting with Jeremy of We Like Shooting

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This week, I’m joined by Jeremy Pozderac of Rivers Edge Tactical & We Like Shooting to discuss his experiences with the Ruger Precision Rifle and other aspect of long range shooting!

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How are you doing Jeremy? How’s the SBR build you made going?

Main Topic: The Ruger Precision Rifle and Longer-Range Shooting with Jeremy of We Like Shooting

Long range shooting is something that I personally have never really done all that much and haven’t researched either. My most recent “long range” (for me) experience was shooting my 8 inch steel plate with a H&R .38 Special single shot suppressed rifle at 110 yards. Shooting beyond 300 yards would be very different for me. I’ve heard Jeremy talk about his long range pursuits with Lil over on the We Like Shooting podcast, so I thought it would be beneficial to talk with him about how one might get started. For really in-depth detailed discussion check out the Precision Rifle Podcast.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Jeremy, the world of long range shooting is vast, with many techniques, products, things to learn, etc. Where would you suggest I start as someone who has never done it? How do I prevent myself from buying a bunch of useless crap and missing out on the stuff that is actually more valuable?

  2. Moreso than in any other discipline, long range shooting seems like it really requires the shooter to look at the rifle as a system; an interface between shooter, quality of cartridge, quality of rifle, technique and other factors that all have to work in concert with one another to pull off that perfect shot. Do you feel like long range shooting requires a greater understanding of how everything works with one another?

  3. You’ve worked with the Ruger Precision Rifle. Do you think that is a good starting platform for someone wanting to get into the sport?

  4. How important is reloading in precision rifle/long range?

  5. What is your current setup?

  6. What are some things that you think people overlook when getting started?

  7. Any tips for someone getting into the sport?

  8. What other rifles would you recommend for people who want to get into long range shooting?

  9. I have extremely little experience with scopes. How does one go about learning what is good, what is bad and which scopes will stand up?

Jeremy where can people find you?

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