Gun Guy Radio 218 - Interview with Texas Game Warden Richard Hays

Welcome to episode 218 of Gun Guy Radio! This is the podcast that shines a positive light on the firearms lifestyle. I’m your host Jake Challand... This is your weekly dose of positive firearms talk, without the politics.

Zack Carlson of Lone Wolf

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Texas Game Warden Richard Hays

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Do anything in guns this week?

Zack - Finalizing 10/22 project, all 6 guns are complete, shooting this weekend

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Main Topic:  Interview with Texas Game Warden Richard Hays

First tell us about your escape from IL, what lead you to moving from your home state?

How did your journey lead you to becoming a game warden?

So… what does a Game Warden do?

  • Daily routine

  • Special jobs/assignments

  • Agencies you work with


  • Gear

  • Guns

  • Truck

What do you like most about the job?

What kinds of people do you interact with as a Game Warden? Crimes?

Tell us about your survival channel?

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