GGR 217 - Moving with Guns & Setting up a Gun Room


Welcome to episode 217 of Gun Guy Radio! This is the podcast that shines a positive light on the firearms lifestyle. I’m your host Jake Challand... This is your weekly dose of positive firearms talk, without the politics.

Zack Carlson of Lone Wolf

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Do anything in guns this week?

Zack - Got most of my 10/22 stuff in, building tons of 10/22’s (up to 6 now)

Jake - Found a house!

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Main Topic:  Moving with Guns

Check State and Local Laws

How to pack: Moving your guns

Guide To The Interstate Transportation Of Firearms

Moving Gun Powder? Is it different?


Talk about how I moved from IL to ID with my explorer


26” Uhaul + Trailer… Only have to pass through Iowa, besides IL and SD.

You must transport handguns unloaded in a closed container or a securely wrapped package. The container or package must be too large to conceal on your body and must not be readily accessible to anyone in the vehicle.

Setting up a Gun Room

Zack: Garage setup

Jake: Remodeling Shop… Gun Room with Safes and Reloading Bench…

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