Gun Guy Radio 215 - Firearms Burnout and Back Again


Zack & Jake discuss the affects of burning out when one’s hobby becomes their line of work and how to make that hobby fun again. Zack talks about all the Tactical Bags he’s reviewing and more

Welcome to episode 215 of Gun Guy Radio! This is the podcast that shines a positive light on the firearms lifestyle. I’m your host Jake Challand, This is your weekly dose of positive firearms talk, without the politics.

Do anything in guns this week?

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Main Topic: Gun Burnout


Warning Signs…

Ever just think “Is this hobby worth it?”, there’s a distinct difference between a gun owner and a gun enthusiast.

How did you get into this hobby

How did your taste evolve

What are you into nowadays

What’s going on with Zack lately? Started writing again in 2018 after a 4 year hiatus. Started doing YT as a side deal.

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Elite Survival Systems

5.11 Qualifier

5.11 Duffel



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