GGR 002 - Buying Guns Online

Buying Guns on the Internet from Gun Stores and Auction Sites.  We also Discuss the Latest Episode of History Channel's Top Shot, an Exclusive on the NEW 9" Lonewolf Glock Barrels, and Filling and Freezing milk jugs to make Shooting more Fun.Opening

Week in Review

  • Zack’s Remington 700 .300 WinMag sight in debacle
  • Jake went shooting

Making shooting more fun - Segment

Top Shot - Segment Atlatl - Ancient throwing weapon Main Topic - Buying Guns On-line Simpson’s Gun Store Video Clip Where to buy? How to Pay? Credit Cards or Money Orders How find an FFL? Cheaper Than Dirt finder How to arrange transfer with FFL?  Check before shopping for a gun. How to pick-up? Need to bring a case? ID? Blog post of the week: EveryDayNoDaysOff Blog Post BargainShoot deal - XDM 3.8 9mm $499.99 Feedback - Record a voicemail message (815) 290-9777 Glock Corner- 9” glock barrels

Outro- FXHummel 1 You Tube Gun Star