GGR 001 - The Arsenal Double 1911

  • We talk about guns we like and experiences we've had this week.
  • No politics - There’s plenty of shows with this and probably do it way better than me.
  • Informative/how to segments?
  • Fun uplifting show!  I really want to put a positive spin on it.  It seems like some of the shows tend to get real negative.  This is also an exercise in my current personal journey, I’m moving towards a consistent positive mental attitude.
  • So I’ll bring a Handgun centered approach to the show and Zack more rifle.
  • We may also occasionally talk about things relating to vegi gardening, self-sufficiency, prepping, and movies/shows with guns.

Main Topic - The Arsenal Double Barrel 1911

First true double stack 1911? I did confuse this with Arsenal Inc (ak’s) They should have mounted one up and one down and shoot them at the same time to offset recoil. When is Jason from concealment solutions coming out with a holster for it? Probably going to make it into movies as a bad guy gun. Reminds me of  The double barrelled desert eagle in the green hornet. What about if one round FTF or FTE’s .. will it have enough power to cycle two slides? Slow primer? what about it going off delayed?

Glock Segment by Lone Wolf Zack talks about Glocks in general and how they are nice with the parts interchangeability, and all that.  Then we talk about Randi Rogers leaving Team Glock? I actually thought about this, TG has no real big name shooters anymore.  Now that Dave and Randi left recently can you name any sponsored shooters? Bargain Shoot Deal of the week - R-Guns Receiver Set at AIM Surplus

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Blog post of the week Gun Nuts Media (for now, may change) AR vs Ak.. I like both .. thought i’d hate the AK but actually like it..

Zack talks about the Seekins AR lower..WOW.

Played with laser ammo training ammo.. cool.

American Gun Works Film Dipping