GGP 044- Gun Girl First Ever Listener Questions Episode

GGP 044 Gun Girls Listen Questionsjpeg.001 The Gun Girls have their first episode of only listener questions! For many listeners this is their favorite part just as it is for Randi and Julie. Before the Gun Girls jump into the long list of questions there is some quick catch up on the last two weeks. Julie shares information from the Cameron Cup as well as her experience videoing and Randi Rogers brings home all the stories from the SASS World Championship End of Trail. Both ladies touch on how to handle gun malfunctions and then it is over an hour of all the questions you have on shooting, competition, hunting and even what are the Gun Girls' favorite guns.

Main Topic - End of Trail/ Listener Questions


  • End of Trail
    • Event location, duration, # of shooters
    •  Favorite stage?
    • Shoot Off
    • Malfunctions- What do you do?

Listener Feedback:

  • Duane  Hi Randi Rogers and Julie Golob, you are both great people in my mind, as far as shooting competition, it would be nice to be able to get the results faster, I would like to know how you made out but also others, thank you for all you do for us in the shooting sports
  • Chris:  Randi, love to hear your go to for the basics drills. If I want to work on X, I do Y drill/stage/set up. I think you did a bit of this a while back but more is better. Thanks great show.
  • Megan: How does a beginner assess what shooting competitions would be best for their skill level?
  • Surveyor Seven I have been asked in the past if I could only keep one firearm, which caliber/gauge and which platform would I keep and why ? I have always though that this is the most horrible and unfair question, it’s like asking if you could only save your wife or daughter from a burning house who would you save ? (we would all burn together or all get out together) So I will modify this question for you ladies, “if you could only keep 5 firearms that you own, what would be your top 5 choices of firearms, calibers and platforms and why ? And the ultimate follow up question. “of the firearms that you don’t already own, which one do you want the most and why ?

IDPA ?s...

  • Steve - Listening to your podcasts gave me the nudge I needed to try out the IDPA matches up here in New Hampshire. They are a lot of fun (as you already know).  I’ve been a bullseye shooter for many years so this shooting and moving is a whole new game. The scenarios add a fun element to it too! I had some procedurals in my first match. I set as a goal, to not have any in the next one. I succeeded. I do have a question. Why are the no shoots always in the way?


  • Ty -  Hello Ladies! I've been listening to your podcast since the beginning, I enjoy it and now have a question for your.  I am the match director of our local IDPA club, there are quite a few ladies that are interested in shooting but are intimidated by shooting in front of a bunch of guys.  I've been asked to have a ladies only match. I believe most of these ladies have shot before but most of them have no competition experience.  What would your suggestions be for a match to get them started shooting?  Should it be very basic or a more advanced stage that we break down into shooting positions?
  • Kathy I'm thinking of trying to sign up for IDPA Bug nat'ls. I've never done a national match and am only marksman level. Do you gals think this is an ok place to start? You gals made it look like so much fun last year, that I'd like to try.
  • John - Julie, I noticed in some of your pictures that you wear glasses outside of shooting. Are they for close-up or distance or fashion? I know you wear shooting glasses while on the range but how has the change in eyesight affected your shooting? You are way to young to need glasses for close-up because of age. Do either one of you do something special to help your eyes or is it just good genetics? Some of us are not as fortunate to have excellent eyesight but have to deal with glasses on and off the range. Thanks for all that ya'll do for shooting sports and being excellent examples of young ladies for the industry.


  • Larry from the Power Factor Show -Hi Randi! I have a Comp-Tac Beltfeed quad mag pouch that I bought about 8 years ago, back when the USPSA rule said that the gun and the mags were to be 2 inches from the shooter's body.  Since the rule changed to "2 inches from the inner surface of the inner belt" my mag pouch has been illegal.  Specifically the second pouch from the front.  This is the case for my CR Speed belt that I bought about 11 years ago, and there's only one layer of inner and one layer of outer belt. Is this "problem" addressed by the current Beltfeed model, or do I just need to get a thinner belt?  I enjoy the show


  • Dale -  Hi Julie and Randi, You were talking about the debate between shooting a match in one day or shooting multiple days.  I don't want to diminish the amount I love to shoot and compete, but I also love the social aspect of shooting.  Do you feel that shooting matches in one day reduces the social part of shooting?  If it does do you factor that into your match choices? I love the show keep up the good work


  • Pistolet-Chef Donald - Hey, this is a little different what is the best way to get sponsors to supplement the cost of participants in the sport?