GGP 034 - Gun Girls Wrap up 2013 and Sight in on 2014

GGP 034 - Happy New Year

The Gun Girls have been on the air for 1 whole year! With 2013 coming to an end hosts Randi Rogers and Julie Golob take a look back and the ups, downs, successes and bumps of 2013. They share some of their favorite moments as well as what they have learned producing Gun Girl Radio. After the 2013 wrap up Randi and Julie set their sights on the upcoming 2014 season. What shooting matches are they looking forward too? What hunting activities are they planning? Do they have any special events or plans in the coming year? Tune in to hear all about what is coming up for 2014.

Main Topic: 2013 Wrap Up, 2014 Look Ahead

  • Favorite Gun Girl Radio Episodes
  • What Have Gun Girls Learned
  • What was the hardest part?
  • Most Rewarding Part
  • Favorite Moments
  • 2014 Matches Gun Girls are Looking Forward To
  • Hunting Activites
  • Other Events
  • Goals
  • Wishes, Wants Dreams- Gun Girl Style

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Listener Questions:

  • Larry : hello, I am writing to you to thank you for bringing up the subject of children and firearms and how important it is to keep them safe.  my son is almost 4 and has a very strong interest in all things that go bang or boom.  We have taught him that guns are dangerous and that they could really hurt him but because he is still a kid we know that it may not be enough.  His mother and i bought an airsoft for him that he is using to learn to shoot.  we treat it as if it were a real firearm right down to putting it into the safe when we are done using it.  also we use eye protection.

     We are teaching him to come and find an adult if he finds a gun somewhere.  This is working because he spotted a shotgun hanging on a wall as a decoration at a friends home a couple weeks ago and asked repeatedly why it wasn't locked up where no bad guys could get it.

     Toy guns are difficult but so far we have been able to buy them to be either white bright orange or green to make them appear ad far removed from a real gun as possible.  we are making the effort to make him treat them as if they are real.

    he watches everything that i do with a firearm whether it be cleaning or dry firing and it has been some really quality father son time for us.  he has won more than 1 cookie in our family airsoft challenge.

     Talking with the parents of your child's friends is also important.  My nephews mother was trribly afraid of firearms until one day that they were here.  my nephew wanted to shoot the airsoft gun.  she was hesitant so i asked her to shoot it first.  It took her a little while to decide to but by the end of the night she was shooting .22 revolver and is considering some safety training and a pistol of her own.  We showed her our safe and how everything was stored in a safe manner.  She thought that all of us gun owners stored our stuff under the bed or hung it on the wall.  Another of my wifes friends carries a revolver in her purse and if they would not have talked about that they wouldn't go to a range together once in a while.

     My views have changed through the years i used to think that my fathers hunting rifles hanging high up  on the bedroom wall with the ammo in his closet was good enough.  Now i realize the value of a good safe or locking gun cabinet.

     As a funny aside my boy has taken his mothers side in the Glock vs XD argument around this house.  I traded my glock for an xds.  sorry for he book but i hope this helps.

  • Raccoon1969: Ladies,

Just listened to your Winter Shooting Fun episode, I really like the idea of putting hand warmers in the magwell.  For shooting in the snow, you both or invited to the \"Nor'easter\" match at Harvard Sportsmen's Club, northwest of boston, at the end of January.  The past two years it has snowed during the match.  Last year the was significant snowfall over night before the match.

One more thing, I really like the idea of the hand warmers on the shoulders, because I also hunch my shoulders in the cold and get sore from that.  Maybe you can reconfigure the bra cups into tactical equipment holders so you can market your shoulder hand warmer bras to men too.  I won't even mention that I shoot with a couple of men that probably should be wearing bras.

Really enjoy the show and I will see you at Indoor Nationals in February.


  • Bryan r: Julie, Randi - since you were talking about shooting in the snow, here is a short vid on how we do up in the Great White North eh

Modified prone in the snow from the final Ontario Rifle Association CQB match of the 2013 season. This was the practice before the match so I got all those mistakes out of my system before the scoring phase. Of course I found some new mistakes to make when scores counted.

  • Mark : Loved the cold weather show. I live in Minnesota, I have Spent sometime in the cold. A local police officer was training out side and got his drawstring fob in his trigger guard and had a discharge. I wear a blaze orange muff, it has a strap that goes around my neck. I put 4 hand warmers in it along with a set of Aim Point batteries. Thank you for the great show.

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GGP 005 - SHOT Show Wrap Up

Didn't get to SHOT Show?  No worries because this episode of Gun Girl Radio is all about SHOT.  Randi and Julie talk about Media Day, highlights from the show floor, special events, cool new products and more! GGR-005 Shot Show Wrap UpSpecial Event Info & Links:

Women of the Industry - Hosted by Britney Starr, of Starr & Bodill African Safaris and Jacquelyn Kelly of Armed in Heels.  Learn more about this event at Women's Outdoor News.

First Shots Program - Learn more about the National Shooting Sports Foundations First Shots program headed by Tisma Juett at

NRA Competitions - Discover the National Rifle Association's competitive shooting programs at

Listener Questions:

  • Aidan  - What is the best way to get a family of four into SASS without having to buy 8 revolvers, four carbines and four shotguns? How do you cope with gun leather as kids grow?
  • Sharry  - What are we going to use for ammo, if we don't reload since our dear president finally came out with his first manifesto aimed at taking away our guns? Just try to find some out there!
  • Karl  - With the impact of new gun laws and the current shortages of everything on this year's shooting season I know that I've changed my plans to attend several major matches due to the increased costs, long delays and general lack of ammo and components. With a practice-heavy game like Steel Challenge, that's going to be a big issue this year.

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GGP 002 - SHOT Show Preview

In this week's episode of Gun Girl Radio Julie, Randi and Jake talk about their plans for the upcoming SHOT Show. What is SHOT Show? GGP002 - SHOT Show PreviewThe Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) is the largest and most comprehensive trade show for the shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries. Gun Girl Radio discusses the purpose and benefits of attending the industry's kick off event of the year. Randi and Julie share their favorite events and what they look forward to most along with exciting announcements at the show.

Ways you can follow SHOT Show 

Listener Questions

  • Do you have plans for a separate iTunes feed?
  • Do you plan on a web page with show notes & links?
  • What are your favorite podcasts?
  • Will you be incorporating interesting and funny personal stories into future shows?

What’s Next We had to cover SHOT Show before heading into our series of favorite shooting sports but in the next episode we'll be talking about the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) and International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC).

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