GGP 040 - Gun Girls Recap 2014 NRAAM

Gun Girl Radio 040 - Gun Girls Recap 2014 NRAAMThis week's episode is everything NRA Gun Girl style. Tune in as the ladies share their favorite moments and information from the show as well as give a heads up on the exciting events going on in May.  Welcome to episode 40 of Gun Girl Radio! I’m  Julie Golob and my cohost Randi and I are here to bring you the insider scoop from the range, tips on how to improve your shooting and share with you our adventures in the wonderful world of shooting sports.

What have you been up to this week?

1) what was your favorite part of the NRA show?

2) what was the coolest product/booth you saw?

3) how does it feel to ask the Tom Seleck a question? Are you a big Tom fan?

4) Signing at the Smith booth is such a great experience because we get to share time with our awesome teammates as well as meet so many shooters and gun enthusiasts? Who do you enjoy signing with, any funny stories from the show?

5) one of my favorite things about Indianapolis was all the great places to eat! I know you are a big foodie- did you have any standout meals?

6) how did you toe handle all the walking and running around you were doing?

7) the NRA has been doing more than ever to protect our freedoms and they feature you on a Huge billboard- how does it feel to see yourself 20 feet tall??

8) in the last three weeks you have moved done NRA and now are filming? How do you keep yourself from being homesick?

9) if I remember correctly Bianchi is your next match- what are you shooting and how are you preparing for it with all the travel and moving challenges?


GGP 037- Gun Girls in the Dark IDPA Indoor Nationals

This week on Gun Girl Radio is a full recap of the 2014 IDPA Indoor Nationals. One of the largest IDPA matches in the country this match has offerings for shooters, press and companies from all across the county. Tune into Gun Girl Radio as hosts Julie Golob gives great tips from her experience coaching Katie Pavlich from and Randi Rogers shares a stage by stage breakdown of how the match went, tips and shooting and what to add to your practice regimen.

Main Topic: Gun Girls in the Dark 2014 IDPA Indoor Nationals

  • Julie Coaching Katie Pavlich
  • Tips on Coaching a Shooter
  • Stage by Stage Breakdown
  • Duck Blind
  • Trevor Baucom's Stage
  • Dark Standards
  • Other Things Going on in Springfield


Listener Questions:

  • Vicky: First, thank you both for the time and work you devote to making this great podcast.My question is about clothes that conceal. I have my carry gun and holster for small of the back carry. Now I'm shopping for clothes that hide it. My wardrobe was form-fitting and solid colors. Now its untucked plaid flannel shirts and jeans. What other clothes cover well?

  • Matt: Hey Ladies My wife pretty much has her carry guns and gear worked out and carries when ever possible except when I\'m with her. I do like the vote of confidence, but after the third lap around the clearance racks I tend to make my way to the chairs to sit with the old guys. So please tell Shelley its a good idea to carry all the time. Also do you all have any tips for going prone? I\'m starting my practice for the NRA world shoot but cant seem to get comfortable with going prone. Thanks!

  • Jim  I'm looking forward to hear more peoples impressions

  • Surveyor  all about Katie's first time with coach Julie and the two proud stage designers Mike and Trevor

  • Robert  Please tell us why you are so dang awesome,Randi!

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GGP 035 - 2014 Where to Go, How to Get There & What to Know!

Gun Girl Radio 035 - 2014 Where to Go, How to Get There & What to Know!

After an exciting and busy time and the NSSF SHOT Show the Gun Girls are back in action. The season is only a few weeks away and as  Randi Rogers and Julie Golob are planning their calendar they have loads of information to share with their listeners. With so many great sports, matches and events how does one choose where to go? Tune is as the ladies recommend some matches for each sport, give some tips on the best way to plan out your season for success and even give their listeners some heads up on events to keep an eye on during 2014!

Main Topic: 2014 Where to Go, How to Get There and What to Watch For

Listener Questions:

  • Brian: Question for both of you. I just got caught up with Top Shot Season 4 and it was great to see Julie as the M&P expert (gee, wonder why). Unfortunately there was less than 1 minute's worth of instruction that the viewer could use as take home points. Julie and Randi, can you expand on how you handle moving targets? Do you ambush or track them, or do something completely different?
  • Cherie: Hi Julie and Randi, In last week's episode you both said that the Bianchi World Shoot is on your goal list this year. I'm excited to be going to Bianchi this year too. And you also mentioned that you might talk about practicing for events, so... I'm wondering if you have any tips for training for the Bianchi match, in particularly the mover if you don't have access to practice on one? Thanks
  • Matt:  How about the NRA action pistol world shoot at Rock castle. Same as Bianchi?

  • Jason: Running any new gear this year or trying out any new shooting sports?

  • Alvin:  Any new "rising stars" that we should keep an eye on for the new season? Also, unrelated to the shooting season, what would be a good gift to a new shooter? (Namely my younger sister, college aged)

  • Eric: Will either you or Julie be shooting the 2013 Single Stack nationals this year? If so, what pistols will you use?

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GGP 030 - Gun Girls and their Ammo

Randi Rogers and Julie Golob share their experiences and preferences with all things that go bang. From reloading equipment to their favorites factory ammunition, Julie and Randi give the lowdown on loads they use in everything from competition and carry guns to the ammo they choose when they are out hunting. Tune in as they share tips about reloading, ammunition storage and travel considerations.  They also discuss steps to prevent reliability issues and what to do when ammunition fails.

GGP 030 Gun Girls Ammo.001

Main Topic:

  • History with reloading and reload room/set up
  • Reloading safety, storage and tips
  • Ammo preferences by shooting sport
  • Carry Gun Ammo
  • Hunting Ammp
  • Traveling with ammo/shipping ammo
  • Ammunition malfunctions and issues.
  • Chronograph


Listener Questions:

  • John - Do you notice a difference cleaning from lead, open lead base (FMJs) or closed base (JHP or TMJ)?
  • Surveyor Seven Are there rifling cuts that are designed only for jacketed bullets ? If so how can you determine the difference and what are the results of shooting cast bullets in that type of barrel ? I have never heard a definitive answer on this discussion
  • Susan I do actually. I'd like to know the ballistics/drop at 25 and 50 yds, between 115 gr, 124 gr and 147 gr 9mm rounds
  • Ryan Do you guys have to pay for your own ammo or does your sponsor cover it?
  • David wrote: What bullet weights shapes do you use in 9mm and .45acp and why?
  • Richard  What are your opinions on the Hornady Critical Defence vs. the Hornady Critical Duty as a conceal carry round. will one stop my threat better than the other?
  • Jamim - What is your preferred minor load in 9 and 40, and major load in 40. Thanks!

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GGP 026 - Gun Girls Share Shooting Camp Stories with Rhonda Gibson of MGM

This week Gun Girl Radio invites special guest Rhonda Gibson from MGM Targets! Team Comp-Tac's Randi Rogers and Team Smith & Wesson’s Julie Golob ask Rhonda about how shooting has changed her life; from family, work and her own special project the MGM Junior Camp!


Main Topic: Rhonda Gibson- MGM Junior Camp


  1. How did you get started in the shooting sports?

  2. How has competitive shooting brought your family together?

  3. Can you tell us a little bit about MGM Targets?

  4. Can you tell us about the matches that MGM Sponsors?

  5. What gave you the idea to start the MGM Junior Camp?

  6. How long has the camp existed?

  7. How many juniors have you had through the camp?

  8. What does a junior experience during camp?

  9. How does someone apply for the camp?

  10. What are some of the camp requirements?

  11. Can you tell us about your nickname The Cookie lady?

  12. Favorite Gun & Why?

  13. What’s the best bit of shooting advice you have ever received?

  14. One thing in your Range Bag people would never expect

  15. What has been your toughest shot?


Listener Question:

  • Mike: First off, great show I enjoy the good topic and insight into the firearms world. I shoot both Cowboy and USPSA, so there are frequent topics which interest me. Julie, you must take up Randi on her offer to shoot Cowboy - you will love it. It is just a fun and family friendly experience. Also, your bucket list - Thompson. I have been fortunate to have fired a full auto Thompson, and it was FUN! Next time you are in Vegas, they have gun shop which you can rent a Thompson - go and do it! Wish I could own one, but my State will not allow it. Keep up the great show.
  • Brian: Hi Ladies! I just completed an IDPA match with a stock Glock G17 (sharpshooter classification) and I know what I need to work on, but I don't know how. Here's what I noticed: When shooting faster at relatively longer distances, say 15-20 yards, my shots tend to be low or low-left. This is especially the case when there's time pressure such as disappearing targets. It's likely my trigger control but I can't tell if there are other factors such as grip, or stance. When I was a Novice and Marksman shooter, the low-left issue used to be happening at closer distances and slower speeds so I was able to improve, but now I seem to be hitting a plateau.
  • Also from Brian- I shoot a stock Glock 17 and a 34 in competitions. When I dry fire, am I supposed to see the front sight wobble at all, or should it be rock solid stable when the trigger breaks? Sometimes I'll see it bounce slightly right, sometimes left, and I'm still trying to figure how to keep it steady. Just want to make sure a "no-wobble" goal at the trigger break is something I should be setting.
  • Hi Randi and Julie, I'm Mike from the God and Guns Podcast on the Firearms Radio Network. Carol from the Fat2FitHQ podcast encouraged me to start listening to all the shows on the network. I'll be honest and confess that I was already listening to them all... except for Gun Girl Radio and Fat2FitHQ. My bad! It really wasn\'t for any reason other than already getting my podcast fill for each week. So over the past few weeks I've been working my way through the archives and have thoroughly enjoyed catching up on all your episodes. You ladies are so entertaining and definitely have my attention. There is so much to learn from you and if anyone cuts out a podcast to listen to, it shouldn't be this one. Keep up the great work and thank you for all you're doing in the women's arena! Belated congrats to Julie on the new baby! My wife and I just had our 3rd and he's 5 months old now. It's a blast!
  • Ryan How do you keep your hair so bouncy and full even after a day of shooting?

  • Nick - What the best live fire drill for improving speed and transitions in USPSA?

  • Jennifer - How do you handle a newborn and going back to shooting? How long of a break did you take? I have a newborn and barely have time for a shower in between nursing, diaper changes, and fussiness.

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