GGP 038 - Girl Talk with Natalie Foster of Girls Guide to Guns


We owe our listeners a huge apology for our messed up schedule. We're doing our best to get on track and excited to bring you a fun interview with Natalie Foster of Natalie is also a the only female NRA Commentator and she dishes out good stuff on the Second Amendment.

From the Show:

Listener Questions:

Jay - This is for you Julie Golob. How are you able to do all you do in shooting sports and juggle a husband, two children and, from the pictures, be a great cook?

Christopher - What do you recommend someone do to get started. Name top three basics to have mastered before anything.

Rich G - How do you travel across the country and to OTHER countries with firearms and ammo? Basic FAA rules are fine for your average hunter but for a competitive shooter with multiple guns and TONS of ammo? How about other countries ? WOW…

David - What is the secret of your smile ? Just kidding (well, you have a great smile of course !) If it was not for shooting, what sport would you like to perform ? (nothing to do with shooting I know)

Robert - If you could go nuts and have any gun made for you, free of charge and ignoring little things like materials science, what would it be?

Tony - How do you balance it all? Family ? Friends? Shooting?

Brian - How would a fairly busy stay at home dad (4 y/o and 4 m/o boys) who's getting started in IDPA find meaningful improvement training reps in that rare event we call free time?

Harry - In IDPA the uber-classic SSR wheel gun just doesn't get any love when competitors become more successful. Most of them go to the moon-shooters. Why is that?

Madeline - I want to know what your favorite shooting sport is and why

Seiichi - Have Randi email me. We revo shooters need some holsters from comp tac. Would like to work on an ELS setup.

John - Relax(if only you could) we all know you are both crazy busy. Do you know if we can conceal carry at the Indianapolis convention center during the NRA show?

Jay - Would you ever put on make up/disguise, go to a random range and just crush all the guys?

Chris - How long does it take for you to change gears from steel to uspsa to idpa? (training) And/or why so more pro shooters play uspsa and steel, why not idpa?

Mike - so many things - first, love the podcast. I like to hear about training, drills, and shooting practice - The food and equipment segments are always good. I don't have any specific questions, just keep up the good work - no worries on the podcast, lots going on in your lives!

Valerie - any recommended holsters for concealed carry for females. I've tried a few for my XD subcompact and they all feel like they ride too high.

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