GGP 046 - Girl Talk Concealed Carrie Purses

Catch up with Gun Girl Radio hosts Randi Rogers and Julie Golob as they chat about the busy summer. Then Julie interviews Leslie Deets, the founder of Concealed Carrie, a company that offers women a way to safely secure their firearm without sacrificing fashion. GGP 046 Concealed Carrie.001

After developing Sharp Shooters USA, a female friendly gun store and range in the Atlanta area, Leslie Deets began taking shooting classes. Shooting with other women, she quickly discovered a need for purses that safely concealed firearms with an updated look. The goal was to create a line of fashionable and fabulous purses for women.

It’s not just about the fashion either. Leslie explains how all Concealed Carrie handbags are ambidextrous. “All firearms are stored in a separate compartment that is accessible to both right and left handed shooters in an adjustable Velcro holster that adapts to any size firearm. Special design focus ensures that the main compartment is not compromised leaving women plenty of space that is also enhanced with the numerous pockets and dividers that you'd expect.”

Compact Carrie

Julie and Leslie discuss how, for some women, off-the-body carry in a purse is the most practical and effective way for them to carry concealed.  Where carrying on the body is more secure, many women are not comfortable with body holsters. It may result in them choosing not carry their firearm, hence leaving them unprotected.

Concealed Carrie launched  with the Classic Carrie line featuring all leather products. With innovation key to this company’s growth they expanded with a lighter weight and less expensive solution with the addition of Microfiber and Casual Carrie products. Addressing the woman athlete and outdoor enthusiast look for Carrie’s Closet, an athletic shirt that is specifically designed for a women and allows for a firearm to be worn discreetly and safely while exercising.

Learn more about the Concealed Carrie line and sign up for email updates at


Listener Feedback:

Shootin Straight: I know both of you have spoken about practice, and drills, but I would be curious - when you don't have an upcoming competition - how often do you go to the range to shoot (practice) - and what would you suggest, or what do you practice on?

Eric: In previous podcasts you have talked about how upper body strength is a differentiator between male and female action pistol shooters. Is there a similar difference between male and female 3-Gun shooters when it comes to long guns? If there is, no one bothered to tell the Team Smith and Wesson Lady 3-Gun shooters.

Brice: Offered comments on RO's on timer cadence, bumping the RO and timer technique.

John: Offered perspective on shot timer apps.

GGP 042 - Gun Girl Talk with Jessie Duff

GGP 042 - Jessie Duff An interview many have been waiting for! While Randi Rogers is away filming the latest season of Ammo & Attitude, this week on Gun Girl Radio, Julie Golob sits down with national and world champion, Jessie Duff to talk about shooting, television, hobbies and Jessie’s personal goals.

Main Topic - Interview with Jessie Duff

  • How did you get started in shooting?
  • When did you know you were hooked?
  • What was your first gun?
  • How often do you train and about how many rounds do you shoot in a year?
  • If you could choose just one sport and one division, what would it be?
  • As the first woman to make USPSA Grand Master, how long has this been a personal goal and can you describe to our listeners the process of how someone achieves GM status?
  • Would you say that performing well in Bianchi is as tough as say Steel Challenge or USPSA?
  • As someone who is constantly switching up guns and gear for different events, do you have any advice for our listeners on how to make the transition to different guns and gear easier?
  • For our lady listeners, any tips on how to stay cute and comfy on the range?
  • Is there anything in your range bag that might surprise people?
  • What’s the best part about working in the TV world as a cohost of NRA All Access on the Outdoor Channel?
  • Which is more nerve racking? Shooting the Mover at Bianchi in front of the crown and cameras or preparing for an appearance like the one you did for Sean Hannity’s show when you debunked gun myths?
  • What are your other hobbies?
  • What’s next on the Jessie Duff goal list?

Listener Feedback:

  • Bryan shares how he is getting his daughter involved in shooting.
  • Jake asks about inviting shotgun extraordinaire, Kim Rhode to the show.
  • Chad shares his experience with his twin 8 year-old daughters. He also asks: Does the optics of today really take away from the raw skill of shooting? Sight alignment, trigger control, even grip can all be compromised to an extent when using digital optics and you can still get good hits. Are we (am I) teaching bad habits by using these optics? How would one go about getting a signed autograph?



GGP 027 - Gun Girls Get a GRIP Part II

Randi Rogers is off competing at national level competition so this week it's Julie Golob and Jake Challand catching up on the latest in Gun Girl Radio world and interviewing Nikki Turpeaux of Archangel Tactical and the Get A GRIP® Defense program. Tune in as Julie chats with Nikki about her training programs geared especially for women.

GGP-027 - Gun Girls Get a GRIP 2

Main Topic: Nikki Turpeaux of Archangel Tactical

  • Nikki's journey into the world of firearms, shooting and training
  • Archangel Tactical Anniversary Event
  • The feminine touch and ways to get women to the range
  • Get a GRIP® Defense Program for Ladies, Students, Gentleman and Professionals
  • Nikki's advice on how to deal with mainstream media
  • 3 Gun FUN!
  • More about Nikki, her favorite gun, best shooting advice, what's in her range bag and her toughest shot.


Archangel Tactical Get a GRIP® Defense Nikki Turpeaux Twitter Nikki Turpeaux Facebook


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A Girl & A Gun Women's Shooting League –

GGP 025 - Gun Girls Get a Grip

Gun Girl Radio hits the road this week! Team Smith & Wesson’s Julie Golob attends the 2nd Annual Get a GRIPTM  Anniversary Event Weekend presented by Archangel Tactical and interviews talented and influential women of the shooting and outdoor industry.

GGP 025 - Get A GRIP

Making appearance as the event's Guest of Honor, Julie takes the time to chat with Tisma Juett of NSSF’s First Shots Program and Barbara Baird, Marti Davis and Sara Ahrens of Women’s Outdoor News. Find out what these women keep in their range bags, the best shooting advice they have received, the toughest shot they have had to make and more!

Main Topic: Catching up with women of the industry at the 2nd Annual Get a GRIPTM  Anniversary Event Weekend presented by Archangel Tactical


  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. What is your favorite gun and why?
  3. What is the best bit of shooting advice you have ever received?
  4. What is one thing in your range bag/hunting pack that people would never expect?
  5. Tell us about the toughest shot you have made.

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A Girl & A Gun Women's Shooting League –

GGP 014 - Randi's Got Ammo & Attitude

GGP 014 - Ammo and AttitudeIt’s another pre-recorded show for Randi Rogers and Julie Golob. Randi is on set for her new hosting gig with Ammo & Attitude and Julie is taking some time away to prep for the arrival of her new baby. Main Topic

  • Randi’s experience on TV and her new gig as a host.
  • About Ammo & Attitude
  • Women in reality TV
    • Know your gear
    • How to stay calm
    • Ask questions before your interview starts
    • Prep tips to make you look and sound good
    • Be positive and try to smile.
    • Listen to the question fully before answering.
    • Think about the audience and try to avoid too much shooter slang
    • Watch those hand gestures
    • Friendly media vs. Unfriendly media - be prepared and know the risks of talking with mainstream media on gun issues.
    • Follow up
    • How to deal when the press gets too close
    • Speak slowly
    • Interview tips from Randi & Julie

Listener Feedback:

Steve from Facebook: What are the top things you have changed and/or added to a new Glock? Thank you! : )

ColonelRon ‏from Twitter - Can u discuss how a woman's grip differs from a man & how to compensate? I've heard different techniques but wife still has trouble

GEAR Dad ‏from Twitter - Is it realistic to use a pump shotgun (I have a Mossberg 500) to compete in #3Gun? LOVE the podcast!

Daniel from Facebook: Less of a question and more of a suggestion. If it comes up, don't try to defend modern civilian rifles by differentiating them from selective fire weapons. The differences don't matter and nobody cares anyway. The only point that needs to be made is that banning these firearms won't solve anything, and nobody can provide a shred of evidence that it will. We have a violence problem that won't be solved by taking one type of rarely-used firearm off store shelves, and focusing on that goal is just a distraction from the search for real solutions.


Please feel free to post your questions in the comments below or send them to Tell us what you think and leave suggestions for future shows. We’d love to hear from you! Follow Randi Rogers and Julie Golob on Facebook and consider leaving us a review on iTunes.

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GGP 013 - Our Favorite Shooting Sports: 3Gun with Special Guest Dianna Liedorff

GGP 013 - 3Gun In this episode Randi Rogers and Julie Golob interview Dianna Liedorff on one of their favorite shooting sports - 3-Gun! Tune in to learn about 3-Gun Nation, the women of the sport, valets, honey badgers and more!

What’s new?

Julie shares her recent podcast episode and Randi talks about her preparation for the upcoming Superstition Mountain 3-Gun match.

Main Topic

  • About Di Leidorff

  • What is 3-Gun shooting?

  • “The games within the game.”

  • What you need to shoot in 3-Gun

  • 3-Gun Nation - The show, magazine, Pro Series and grassroots development

  • 3-Gun and women

  • Tips on getting into and training for 3 Gun

  • Law enforcement participation

Listener Feedback:

  • Elaine from Facebook: Tips for getting started as well as her choice of firearms for her matches!

  • TacTissy from Facebook: Your opinion on shotgun shell carriers for 3Gun? Which one is best and what needs to be improved?

  • Scott from Facebook: Ask her if she gets her own gear ready, or if she has someone who does it for her? Kind of a valet, if you will...Tell her I said that!

  • Kerrin from Facebook: Ask her why it's important to shoot like a Honey Badger!! Dianna Liedorff is the original range Honey Badger!

  • Gilbert from Facebook: Is it harder for women to get into and shot 3 gun then men?

  • Mia from Facebook: Does she come to CO for any competitions? How will the new CO gun laws affect the competitions?


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GGP 012 - A Girl & A Gun with Juliana Crowder

GGP 012 - A Girl and a GunIn this week’s episode of Gun Girl Radio, Randi and Julie have a special guest from A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League. They chat with founder Juliana Crowder about the program, chapters, events, shopping and more! What’s new? Randi is back from a win at the USPSA Texas State Open Championship and chats about her appearance on Next Generation TV. Julie is in nesting mode but is posting some fun surveys and giveaways on her website where followers can guess the due date, whether the baby will be a boy a girl and more.

Main Topic - A Girl and A Gun with Juliana Crowder

  • About Juliana and her journey into the shooting sports
  • What is A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League?
  • Events, Chapters and Programs
  • AG&AG hits mainstream media in a great way
  • Conference Details
  • Shopping!!!!

Listener Feedback:

Email from Jim & Samantha: Hay Jake and the guys and gals... Yes I listen to gun girl as well. My 14 yr old daughter is a competitive shooter as well. Julie G. is one of her idols anyway we listen on stitcher we don’t have Itunes but we unless we forget to, we almost always give a thumbs up. And look forward to every new show and book recommendations thanks again.

Email from Paul: Dear Ladies, it has been an honor to listen to two living legends of shooting. Great tips, great insight, and great personalities! I have a question for those of us, guys and girls, with smallish hands and working the controls of modern semi-auto handguns. What is your recommended technique for releasing the slide of a semi-auto when I can't reach the buttons? I almost feel as though I have to compromise my shooting grip to have my thumb be able to reach the slide release button. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Aidan from Facebook: What role do you think women play in securing the Second Amendment now and for future generations? How can old white guys help or hurt or should we just stay out of the way?

Jeong from Facebook: Why are so many women on the fence when it comes to 2ndA? Too many support it by word only and so not allow guns in the house.

Phil from Facebook: It is the women who will convince our elected officials that guns in the right hands is a good thing for our society and especially for the women in our society. It is pioneers like Julianna Crowder who will lead the charge in convincing women to communicate with their elected officials. We must all support these pioneers or our rights as we know them may perish. No question, just a comment to Julianna. Maintain the momentum! We are in your corner and in the arena together.

Susie from Facebook:  Very well said , Phil. The more we can educate women and get them involved the more they will help us to elect officials who will help us keep our freedom and support our 2nd amendment rights. Keep up the good work , Julianna, Randi, Julie and all ladies who take the time to get ladies to the range. I know here in Del Rio the interest is growing by leaps and bounds!!! It can only get better from here!


Please feel free to post your questions in the comments below or send them to Tell us what you think and leave suggestions for future shows. We’d love to hear from you! Follow Randi Rogers and Julie Golob  on Facebook and consider leaving us a review on iTunes.

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GGP 011 - USPSA Annual Autism Awareness Match

GGP 011 - USPSA Autism Awareness MatchIn this week's episode of Gun Girl Radio, Randi and Julie are showcasing how shooters are generous and caring people. They talk to special guest, Stacy Maillet, about a special charity event in New England, the USPSA Autism Awareness Match. The annual event raises money for the Nicholas James Foundation and it's programs. What have Randi & Julie been up to?

For the Week in Review segment of the show, Randi and Julie talk about a week of catch up, hunting and Randi's recent feature in Shooting Sports USA.

Main Topic - USPSA Annual Autism Awareness Match with Stacy Maillet

  • Stacy's Story - Stacy's son Nicholas was diagnosed with Autism
  • The Nicholas James Foundation and the Foundation's goals
  • Setting up a charity event at the range.
  • Getting support and raising funds
  • Ipads for kids and teachers
  • Parent mentoring program
  • Stacy shares Nicholas' progress, what division she shoots in USPSA and her advice for moms.

Match Details:

April 14, 2012 Registration at 8:15 a.m. Shooter's Meeting at 9:15 a.m. Harvard Sportsmen Club 250 Littleton County Rd. Harvard, MA 01451 6 stages, approximately 130-150 rounds Match Fee is $40.00

Listener Feedback:

Email from John - You, ladies are awesome and Jake is great as a host. Keep up the great work. I love hearing about the sports and you are motivating me to get into the action. One question that I have is how to motivate a woman in my life to shoot more. She has taken the NRA Women On Target and enjoyed it but she doesn't always want to go out to shoot with me. Do you have any ideas as to how I can get her out more?

Email from Jason - Hello Ladies! And Jake :-) First question is for both of you, its regarding technique and grip.  This video here is the promo that S&W put out when the Shield first came out last year. I remember when this thing came out last year, there was so much buzz about the Shield and my buddies and I couldn't wait to get our hands on one.  I've shot and owned 9mm subcompact guns before (carried a G26 for about 8 months), and the general rule I've seen is: the lighter the gun, the higher the recoil and the more difficulty (for me) doing follow up shots.  The way you (Julie) and Jerry shoot this gun make it look like you're shooting a 22 pistol.  What is the secret??

I understand that there are so many factors at play here, but I really would like to a) get rid of my flinch instinct and b) have much better results with double taps and follow up shots.  I've only shot one steel challenge and one 3gun so far -- only 2 matches total mostly because with my three little munchkins, I rarely have the time :-)  If you could talk just a little about basics and what is the best way to get rid of flinch and recoil anticipation that would be *awesome*!

My wife has recently decided to get her CHL, so I took her to the range and we practiced doing the Texas CHL test (3 yards, 5 yards, 7, etc etc).  To start, I had her just start shooting groups at 20 yards, and she consistently did 6-8 inch groups at 20 yards!  She's only take a few basics courses in the Austin area, but why is it that women are always better shots than men!  So on to my question. She didn't really care for my G17 or my CZ P-01 because they were just a little too big for her, and we don't have a good range around here that rents a high variety of guns.  I know you get this a lot, but here goes:  What sort of 9mm compact/subcompact would you recommend for a woman?  Do you guys have a CHL, and if so, what do you carry?

Email from David in Alabama - You mentioned dry fire practice several time in the last episode. Can you give an overview of what a typical dry fire practice session would look like? Also, how do you deal with having to rack the slide on a Glock during those sessions? Keep my favorite podcast going strong!

Email from Charlene - Thanks so much for the great podcasts. With the laws of differing countries, can you describe the process of getting your gear to and competing in international matches? How does one participate in those?

The next question deals with divisions. Looking at the videos posted on the net, it seems some people compete in multi-divisions. From observing my first match I don't see that as a possibility. Is something like that really practical? An example would be like competing in Limited and L10. I just started listening to you program and it is great. The three of you are an excellent combination.

Email from Jo-Anne - Loved your podcast, which I tuned in to specifically for your take on IDPA and the Winters. Imagine my surprise when Randi mentioned my team's stage as one of her favorites! Yup, I was the SO living in a garage for a week before, painting the "sides of beef" that made up the meat locker - so glad you enjoyed it! But that was simply the window dressing - the challenge that you found in that stage was purely the evil genius of our very talented Stage designer, Ted Picard. Shooters both love and curse his creations, as they definitely make you think the stage through and give you options, as Randi mentioned. Many years of stage design at the Nationals just makes him more devious, but I think complexity is what shooters expect from this premier match. I will forward your comments to him, which will undoubtedly spur even more creativity for next year! FYI, missed you this year, Julie, and hope to see you next year (maybe with the new little one? That's where I got to meet your first)

Note: Randi and Julie have been receiving more politically charged questions from listeners and right now. The hosts of Gun Girl Radio are not politicians or legal experts. We support responsible firearm ownership, shooting sports and the Second Amendment and we know that’s something important our listeners as well. One our strengths is to introduce and cultivate interest in the shooting sports so, we’ll be keeping political commentary to a minimum.


Please feel free to post your questions in the comments below or send them to Tell us what you think and leave suggestions for future shows. We’d love to hear from you! Follow Randi Rogers and Julie Golob  on Facebook and consider leaving us a review on iTunes.

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GGP 007 - Gun Girl Talk with Maggie Reese

GGP 007 - Gun Girl Talk with Maggie ReeseRandi wasn't able to join us this week, but Julie invited the talented and beautiful Maggie Reese for a fun "girl talk" episode gun girl style.  Maggie is a two time 3-Gun Ladies National Champion as well as a season two contestant on the hit show History Channel's Top Shot. Main Topic Interview:

  • Maggie's journey from new shooter to national champion.
  • Dealing with injuries as a competition shooter.
  • Picking and choosing matches and shooting sports.
  • Shooting and competing with other women.
  • Top Shot talk
  • Maggie's secrets to having fun and looking great on the range.

Listener Questions:

Jenny:  Hi ladies! I just listened to your show on USPSA competitions and I may just have to start doing them!  My husband has tried for quite a while to get me into shooting, but beyond the occasional practice at the range, I just haven't.  BUT, I do believe I need more practice with the gun that I'd be using for self defense and this may be the way to do it. Thanks for convincing me :-)  NOW to only convince my husband to stay home with the 3 kids 3 and under while I do this.  Maybe you can help in that area! (Jake-yes the Jake with you on air now, would be my husband :-) and has no idea that I've written to you!)

Dan: I am writing to inquire what time I can hear Gun Girl Radio on the air?  Is it available as a podcast?  Any information you could provide would be most helpful.  As I live in the eastern time zone I may be somewhat ahead of you all.

Jill: Hi we just found your radio program from gun guys podcasts! Enjoyed hearing women with a voice in a man's world.  I'm new to shooting but my husband is not . We have been visiting a lot of websites and you tube video's so I'm hearing more about a world I'm just getting into. I have been doing archery and love doing the leagues in the winter time. This is a world I'm a little more comfortable in. My question to you is what does a girl do when all around it's a man's game, so many particulars and verbage that is hard to grasp. I will learn more as I go...(take some time) Is there any outlets for just a girls arena?

J Man:  I am wanting to get my wife more interested in shooting for self defense. What can you recommend for her to start with as far as a type of handgun and caliber to get her use to shooting? Thanks.


Please feel free to post your questions in the comments below or send them to Tell us what you think and leave suggestions for future shows. We’d love to hear from you! Follow Randi Rogers and Julie Golob on Facebook and consider leaving us a review on iTunes.

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