GGP 011 - USPSA Annual Autism Awareness Match

GGP 011 - USPSA Autism Awareness MatchIn this week's episode of Gun Girl Radio, Randi and Julie are showcasing how shooters are generous and caring people. They talk to special guest, Stacy Maillet, about a special charity event in New England, the USPSA Autism Awareness Match. The annual event raises money for the Nicholas James Foundation and it's programs. What have Randi & Julie been up to?

For the Week in Review segment of the show, Randi and Julie talk about a week of catch up, hunting and Randi's recent feature in Shooting Sports USA.

Main Topic - USPSA Annual Autism Awareness Match with Stacy Maillet

  • Stacy's Story - Stacy's son Nicholas was diagnosed with Autism
  • The Nicholas James Foundation and the Foundation's goals
  • Setting up a charity event at the range.
  • Getting support and raising funds
  • Ipads for kids and teachers
  • Parent mentoring program
  • Stacy shares Nicholas' progress, what division she shoots in USPSA and her advice for moms.

Match Details:

April 14, 2012 Registration at 8:15 a.m. Shooter's Meeting at 9:15 a.m. Harvard Sportsmen Club 250 Littleton County Rd. Harvard, MA 01451 6 stages, approximately 130-150 rounds Match Fee is $40.00

Listener Feedback:

Email from John - You, ladies are awesome and Jake is great as a host. Keep up the great work. I love hearing about the sports and you are motivating me to get into the action. One question that I have is how to motivate a woman in my life to shoot more. She has taken the NRA Women On Target and enjoyed it but she doesn't always want to go out to shoot with me. Do you have any ideas as to how I can get her out more?

Email from Jason - Hello Ladies! And Jake :-) First question is for both of you, its regarding technique and grip.  This video here is the promo that S&W put out when the Shield first came out last year. I remember when this thing came out last year, there was so much buzz about the Shield and my buddies and I couldn't wait to get our hands on one.  I've shot and owned 9mm subcompact guns before (carried a G26 for about 8 months), and the general rule I've seen is: the lighter the gun, the higher the recoil and the more difficulty (for me) doing follow up shots.  The way you (Julie) and Jerry shoot this gun make it look like you're shooting a 22 pistol.  What is the secret??

I understand that there are so many factors at play here, but I really would like to a) get rid of my flinch instinct and b) have much better results with double taps and follow up shots.  I've only shot one steel challenge and one 3gun so far -- only 2 matches total mostly because with my three little munchkins, I rarely have the time :-)  If you could talk just a little about basics and what is the best way to get rid of flinch and recoil anticipation that would be *awesome*!

My wife has recently decided to get her CHL, so I took her to the range and we practiced doing the Texas CHL test (3 yards, 5 yards, 7, etc etc).  To start, I had her just start shooting groups at 20 yards, and she consistently did 6-8 inch groups at 20 yards!  She's only take a few basics courses in the Austin area, but why is it that women are always better shots than men!  So on to my question. She didn't really care for my G17 or my CZ P-01 because they were just a little too big for her, and we don't have a good range around here that rents a high variety of guns.  I know you get this a lot, but here goes:  What sort of 9mm compact/subcompact would you recommend for a woman?  Do you guys have a CHL, and if so, what do you carry?

Email from David in Alabama - You mentioned dry fire practice several time in the last episode. Can you give an overview of what a typical dry fire practice session would look like? Also, how do you deal with having to rack the slide on a Glock during those sessions? Keep my favorite podcast going strong!

Email from Charlene - Thanks so much for the great podcasts. With the laws of differing countries, can you describe the process of getting your gear to and competing in international matches? How does one participate in those?

The next question deals with divisions. Looking at the videos posted on the net, it seems some people compete in multi-divisions. From observing my first match I don't see that as a possibility. Is something like that really practical? An example would be like competing in Limited and L10. I just started listening to you program and it is great. The three of you are an excellent combination.

Email from Jo-Anne - Loved your podcast, which I tuned in to specifically for your take on IDPA and the Winters. Imagine my surprise when Randi mentioned my team's stage as one of her favorites! Yup, I was the SO living in a garage for a week before, painting the "sides of beef" that made up the meat locker - so glad you enjoyed it! But that was simply the window dressing - the challenge that you found in that stage was purely the evil genius of our very talented Stage designer, Ted Picard. Shooters both love and curse his creations, as they definitely make you think the stage through and give you options, as Randi mentioned. Many years of stage design at the Nationals just makes him more devious, but I think complexity is what shooters expect from this premier match. I will forward your comments to him, which will undoubtedly spur even more creativity for next year! FYI, missed you this year, Julie, and hope to see you next year (maybe with the new little one? That's where I got to meet your first)

Note: Randi and Julie have been receiving more politically charged questions from listeners and right now. The hosts of Gun Girl Radio are not politicians or legal experts. We support responsible firearm ownership, shooting sports and the Second Amendment and we know that’s something important our listeners as well. One our strengths is to introduce and cultivate interest in the shooting sports so, we’ll be keeping political commentary to a minimum.


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