GGP 006 - Our Favorite Shooting Sports: Steel Challenge

After a great Shot Show episode last week, we’re ready to get back on track with some our shooting sports coverage and this episode is all about Steel Challenge, the third episode in our favorite shooting sports series. GGP-006 Steel ChallengeMain Topic: Steel Challenge

  • What is Steel Challenge?
  • How did Steel Challenge begin?
  • Favorite Steel Challenge stages.
  • Match memories

Listener Questions:

  • Richard K: When in competition, do you prefer a round nose or semi wad cutter and why?
  • Richard M:  Is there one event in steel challenge that the pistol used could be used in idpa and uspsa? One handgun to compete all three?
  • John N Jeanie: Whats the best way to transition from target to target on a steel challenge stage?
  • Brenda E: Hi! I can't get the front sight to focus.Target is clear tho'. Should be the other way. Could be that I wear bifocals? Any tips? Thx!
  • Bruce: I'd love to hear how you manage the trigger control problem on the SC courses. It's always been the toughest discipline for me ever since the first Steel Challenge, and I'd like to learn to at least come close to mastering it. You two amaze me with your speed shooting skills.

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