GGP 046 - Girl Talk Concealed Carrie Purses

Catch up with Gun Girl Radio hosts Randi Rogers and Julie Golob as they chat about the busy summer. Then Julie interviews Leslie Deets, the founder of Concealed Carrie, a company that offers women a way to safely secure their firearm without sacrificing fashion. GGP 046 Concealed Carrie.001

After developing Sharp Shooters USA, a female friendly gun store and range in the Atlanta area, Leslie Deets began taking shooting classes. Shooting with other women, she quickly discovered a need for purses that safely concealed firearms with an updated look. The goal was to create a line of fashionable and fabulous purses for women.

It’s not just about the fashion either. Leslie explains how all Concealed Carrie handbags are ambidextrous. “All firearms are stored in a separate compartment that is accessible to both right and left handed shooters in an adjustable Velcro holster that adapts to any size firearm. Special design focus ensures that the main compartment is not compromised leaving women plenty of space that is also enhanced with the numerous pockets and dividers that you'd expect.”

Compact Carrie

Julie and Leslie discuss how, for some women, off-the-body carry in a purse is the most practical and effective way for them to carry concealed.  Where carrying on the body is more secure, many women are not comfortable with body holsters. It may result in them choosing not carry their firearm, hence leaving them unprotected.

Concealed Carrie launched  with the Classic Carrie line featuring all leather products. With innovation key to this company’s growth they expanded with a lighter weight and less expensive solution with the addition of Microfiber and Casual Carrie products. Addressing the woman athlete and outdoor enthusiast look for Carrie’s Closet, an athletic shirt that is specifically designed for a women and allows for a firearm to be worn discreetly and safely while exercising.

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Listener Feedback:

Shootin Straight: I know both of you have spoken about practice, and drills, but I would be curious - when you don't have an upcoming competition - how often do you go to the range to shoot (practice) - and what would you suggest, or what do you practice on?

Eric: In previous podcasts you have talked about how upper body strength is a differentiator between male and female action pistol shooters. Is there a similar difference between male and female 3-Gun shooters when it comes to long guns? If there is, no one bothered to tell the Team Smith and Wesson Lady 3-Gun shooters.

Brice: Offered comments on RO's on timer cadence, bumping the RO and timer technique.

John: Offered perspective on shot timer apps.

GGP 042 - Gun Girl Talk with Jessie Duff

GGP 042 - Jessie Duff An interview many have been waiting for! While Randi Rogers is away filming the latest season of Ammo & Attitude, this week on Gun Girl Radio, Julie Golob sits down with national and world champion, Jessie Duff to talk about shooting, television, hobbies and Jessie’s personal goals.

Main Topic - Interview with Jessie Duff

  • How did you get started in shooting?
  • When did you know you were hooked?
  • What was your first gun?
  • How often do you train and about how many rounds do you shoot in a year?
  • If you could choose just one sport and one division, what would it be?
  • As the first woman to make USPSA Grand Master, how long has this been a personal goal and can you describe to our listeners the process of how someone achieves GM status?
  • Would you say that performing well in Bianchi is as tough as say Steel Challenge or USPSA?
  • As someone who is constantly switching up guns and gear for different events, do you have any advice for our listeners on how to make the transition to different guns and gear easier?
  • For our lady listeners, any tips on how to stay cute and comfy on the range?
  • Is there anything in your range bag that might surprise people?
  • What’s the best part about working in the TV world as a cohost of NRA All Access on the Outdoor Channel?
  • Which is more nerve racking? Shooting the Mover at Bianchi in front of the crown and cameras or preparing for an appearance like the one you did for Sean Hannity’s show when you debunked gun myths?
  • What are your other hobbies?
  • What’s next on the Jessie Duff goal list?

Listener Feedback:

  • Bryan shares how he is getting his daughter involved in shooting.
  • Jake asks about inviting shotgun extraordinaire, Kim Rhode to the show.
  • Chad shares his experience with his twin 8 year-old daughters. He also asks: Does the optics of today really take away from the raw skill of shooting? Sight alignment, trigger control, even grip can all be compromised to an extent when using digital optics and you can still get good hits. Are we (am I) teaching bad habits by using these optics? How would one go about getting a signed autograph?



GGP 039 - Girls Guide to First Shots with Tisma Juett

GGP 039.001

This week Randi Rogers and Julie Golob are back on track! They are recording in pieces and cutting together to get you all your Gun Girl news even with moving, working and shooting happening. This week Randi Rogers welcomes Tisma Juett from NSSF First Shots onto the show to share some valuable information on the National Shooting Sports Foundation, First Shots Program, Second Round and her own love of hunting and shooting. Julie sends in segments on moving and how to store and organize your guns and both ladies answer listener questions.

From the Show:

Listener Questions:

Eric to Julie: When do you expect to return to a full competition schedule?
Eric to Randi: Will we get to see you shoot the ProAm in Frostproof this year?

Jason: Since First Shots will likely come up, let's hear about your first shots

Paul: Randi -- Here's your question (two) actually. 1. Compare and contrast SASS shooting with 3-gun with modern weapons. 2. I attended a clinic taught by you and Evil Roy. Based on your teaching experience -- who learns gun skills faster -- ladies or men? Other instructors have told me that women are better students because they pay attention and don't have big egos.

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GGP 038 - Girl Talk with Natalie Foster of Girls Guide to Guns


We owe our listeners a huge apology for our messed up schedule. We're doing our best to get on track and excited to bring you a fun interview with Natalie Foster of Natalie is also a the only female NRA Commentator and she dishes out good stuff on the Second Amendment.

From the Show:

Listener Questions:

Jay - This is for you Julie Golob. How are you able to do all you do in shooting sports and juggle a husband, two children and, from the pictures, be a great cook?

Christopher - What do you recommend someone do to get started. Name top three basics to have mastered before anything.

Rich G - How do you travel across the country and to OTHER countries with firearms and ammo? Basic FAA rules are fine for your average hunter but for a competitive shooter with multiple guns and TONS of ammo? How about other countries ? WOW…

David - What is the secret of your smile ? Just kidding (well, you have a great smile of course !) If it was not for shooting, what sport would you like to perform ? (nothing to do with shooting I know)

Robert - If you could go nuts and have any gun made for you, free of charge and ignoring little things like materials science, what would it be?

Tony - How do you balance it all? Family ? Friends? Shooting?

Brian - How would a fairly busy stay at home dad (4 y/o and 4 m/o boys) who's getting started in IDPA find meaningful improvement training reps in that rare event we call free time?

Harry - In IDPA the uber-classic SSR wheel gun just doesn't get any love when competitors become more successful. Most of them go to the moon-shooters. Why is that?

Madeline - I want to know what your favorite shooting sport is and why

Seiichi - Have Randi email me. We revo shooters need some holsters from comp tac. Would like to work on an ELS setup.

John - Relax(if only you could) we all know you are both crazy busy. Do you know if we can conceal carry at the Indianapolis convention center during the NRA show?

Jay - Would you ever put on make up/disguise, go to a random range and just crush all the guys?

Chris - How long does it take for you to change gears from steel to uspsa to idpa? (training) And/or why so more pro shooters play uspsa and steel, why not idpa?

Mike - so many things - first, love the podcast. I like to hear about training, drills, and shooting practice - The food and equipment segments are always good. I don't have any specific questions, just keep up the good work - no worries on the podcast, lots going on in your lives!

Valerie - any recommended holsters for concealed carry for females. I've tried a few for my XD subcompact and they all feel like they ride too high.

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GGP 027 - Gun Girls Get a GRIP Part II

Randi Rogers is off competing at national level competition so this week it's Julie Golob and Jake Challand catching up on the latest in Gun Girl Radio world and interviewing Nikki Turpeaux of Archangel Tactical and the Get A GRIP® Defense program. Tune in as Julie chats with Nikki about her training programs geared especially for women.

GGP-027 - Gun Girls Get a GRIP 2

Main Topic: Nikki Turpeaux of Archangel Tactical

  • Nikki's journey into the world of firearms, shooting and training
  • Archangel Tactical Anniversary Event
  • The feminine touch and ways to get women to the range
  • Get a GRIP® Defense Program for Ladies, Students, Gentleman and Professionals
  • Nikki's advice on how to deal with mainstream media
  • 3 Gun FUN!
  • More about Nikki, her favorite gun, best shooting advice, what's in her range bag and her toughest shot.


Archangel Tactical Get a GRIP® Defense Nikki Turpeaux Twitter Nikki Turpeaux Facebook


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GGP 026 - Gun Girls Share Shooting Camp Stories with Rhonda Gibson of MGM

This week Gun Girl Radio invites special guest Rhonda Gibson from MGM Targets! Team Comp-Tac's Randi Rogers and Team Smith & Wesson’s Julie Golob ask Rhonda about how shooting has changed her life; from family, work and her own special project the MGM Junior Camp!


Main Topic: Rhonda Gibson- MGM Junior Camp


  1. How did you get started in the shooting sports?

  2. How has competitive shooting brought your family together?

  3. Can you tell us a little bit about MGM Targets?

  4. Can you tell us about the matches that MGM Sponsors?

  5. What gave you the idea to start the MGM Junior Camp?

  6. How long has the camp existed?

  7. How many juniors have you had through the camp?

  8. What does a junior experience during camp?

  9. How does someone apply for the camp?

  10. What are some of the camp requirements?

  11. Can you tell us about your nickname The Cookie lady?

  12. Favorite Gun & Why?

  13. What’s the best bit of shooting advice you have ever received?

  14. One thing in your Range Bag people would never expect

  15. What has been your toughest shot?


Listener Question:

  • Mike: First off, great show I enjoy the good topic and insight into the firearms world. I shoot both Cowboy and USPSA, so there are frequent topics which interest me. Julie, you must take up Randi on her offer to shoot Cowboy - you will love it. It is just a fun and family friendly experience. Also, your bucket list - Thompson. I have been fortunate to have fired a full auto Thompson, and it was FUN! Next time you are in Vegas, they have gun shop which you can rent a Thompson - go and do it! Wish I could own one, but my State will not allow it. Keep up the great show.
  • Brian: Hi Ladies! I just completed an IDPA match with a stock Glock G17 (sharpshooter classification) and I know what I need to work on, but I don't know how. Here's what I noticed: When shooting faster at relatively longer distances, say 15-20 yards, my shots tend to be low or low-left. This is especially the case when there's time pressure such as disappearing targets. It's likely my trigger control but I can't tell if there are other factors such as grip, or stance. When I was a Novice and Marksman shooter, the low-left issue used to be happening at closer distances and slower speeds so I was able to improve, but now I seem to be hitting a plateau.
  • Also from Brian- I shoot a stock Glock 17 and a 34 in competitions. When I dry fire, am I supposed to see the front sight wobble at all, or should it be rock solid stable when the trigger breaks? Sometimes I'll see it bounce slightly right, sometimes left, and I'm still trying to figure how to keep it steady. Just want to make sure a "no-wobble" goal at the trigger break is something I should be setting.
  • Hi Randi and Julie, I'm Mike from the God and Guns Podcast on the Firearms Radio Network. Carol from the Fat2FitHQ podcast encouraged me to start listening to all the shows on the network. I'll be honest and confess that I was already listening to them all... except for Gun Girl Radio and Fat2FitHQ. My bad! It really wasn\'t for any reason other than already getting my podcast fill for each week. So over the past few weeks I've been working my way through the archives and have thoroughly enjoyed catching up on all your episodes. You ladies are so entertaining and definitely have my attention. There is so much to learn from you and if anyone cuts out a podcast to listen to, it shouldn't be this one. Keep up the great work and thank you for all you're doing in the women's arena! Belated congrats to Julie on the new baby! My wife and I just had our 3rd and he's 5 months old now. It's a blast!
  • Ryan How do you keep your hair so bouncy and full even after a day of shooting?

  • Nick - What the best live fire drill for improving speed and transitions in USPSA?

  • Jennifer - How do you handle a newborn and going back to shooting? How long of a break did you take? I have a newborn and barely have time for a shower in between nursing, diaper changes, and fussiness.

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