GGP 029 - The Mental Game - How Gun Girls Stay Focused

This week on Gun Girl Radio is all about the mental shooting game and staying focused! Julie Golob could not be there in person, but Randi Rogers shares her own experiences plus lots of notes and tips from Julie about the mental game. Starting with a look at the basis for both Randi's and Julie's training, Randi talks about Lanny Bassham's The Mental Management System. From there you can listen to tips about how to train before match and at match to be ready mentally when it is your time to shoot. GGP 029 Mental Game

Main Topic:

  • Catch up with Randi on the USPSA Production and IPSC National Championships
  • Lanny Bassham Mental Management System- Mental Game Basics
  • Real life training
  • Managing Travel Stress for Mental Prepardness
  • Being Social While Shooting
  • On the Range Mental Skills
  • Handling Pressure



Listener Questions:

  • John W: So here I was watching impossible shot and who did I see? Julie Golob shooting some fireworks. That was awesome to see. Great podcast and thanks for all you and Randi do for the firearm community.
  • Matt: Hello Ladies, For the past 2 yrs I\'ve have dropped the bottom feeders from my life and shot revolver exclusively(S&W of course). I shoot idpa,steel and icore, and with the recent rule change in revo some uspsa next year. My problem is I cant seem to get past sharpshooter/high C. Probably not bad with my limited practice due to work and family but I still would like to improve. I\'d like to get some instruction to get the most out of my practice. Kay says my hero Jerry wont be doing any classes soon. Do you have any suggestions for a revo coach or do you think platform isn\'t as important to good instructor?
  • John: You girls are great. I enjoy listening to the podcast. I have several questions. 1. Julie, when are you coming out with a cookbook? Your recipes sound great. 2. How do ya\'ll practice while in not so nice weather like middle of winter in the Arctic Circle or the steamy jungle of Texas? Plenty of Dry-Fire, SIRT or laser training? Do you have access to a indoor range or brave the elements? Keep up the fantastic show. It is so helpful and encouraging to us novice shooters.
  • Mike Arlington, WA: Hey ladies, I really enjoy the podcast. Your topics and information are great. Perhaps adding a small cooking segment, I know Julie does a lot of cooking with wild game.Wanted to ask a question - hoping my simplistic look at this does not offend anyone.Women and shooting sports - what do you think is the major barrier for equal competition in the field of shooting sports?  Example - Ladies divisions in the shooting sports. While I like to have the different divisions, youth, senior, ladies etc, when you think we can expect to see a women win the overalls at any of the major shooting events like IDPA, USPSA, SASS, etc? Perhaps I have missed it and it has happened already. Good luck, and keep up the great podcast.

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