GGP 022 - Junior Shooter Molly Smith's Busy 2013 Season

GGP 022 - Molly Smith This week on Gun Girl Radio Randi Rogers and Julie Golob interview junior shooter Molly Smith! Molly Smith is the Junior Team Captain of Team Smith and Wesson, writer of the blog The Molly Minute and well on her way to becoming a supreme court justice.

Main Topic:

  • How did Molly get into shooting?

  • What's it like being a member of Team Smith & Wesson and being the Junior Team Captain?

  • How did Molly do at Bianchi Cup? IRC? West Coast Steel Challenge?

  • What is Molly's favorite event at Bianchi and why? Least favorite?

  • Is it difficult transitioning so quickly from Bianchi to IRC?

  • The three sports are so different. What is Molly's favorite?

  • Molly had a chance to work with the NRA Women's Network and were recently featured in a New Energy piece. What did she think of it?

  • Molly's advice for Junior Shooters.


Listener Questions:

  • Robert: Emailed us about Towel from Summer Shooting Tips. shout out to say thanks for the email and Randi is also a big fan of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy! lol
  • Matt: Well Girls, I got Bianchi off my bucket list, and now plan on IRC, Revo nationals, Camp Perry distinguished revolver and high power match. Any other must shoot matches? And maybe some tips on getting in. The Idpa nationals and many others seem to fill up almost instantly or need many points to get on the list. Thanks and have a great one!
  • Brice: Good luck to Julie at the NRS section match this month!  I know you\'ll do great. One tip I\'d like to share for shooting in the heat:  I like to use a towel or scarf and soak it in water, drape it around your neck to help cool off.  Probably less useful for sponsored shooters, but awesome for those of us willing to look a little scruffy.
  • Jason:  Just thought I'd share a tip that might be useful on an upcoming episode of GG radio. Make sure your tetanus booster is up to date. Ranges have a lot of cut hazards. Got a little to close to cover at the Carolina Cup and cut myself. EMS advised to make sure I was up-to-date vaccination wise. 2nd tip - get your booster several days before your next match - they stay sore.
  • Charlene- Hello!! You all continue to deliver great shows! Keep it up! Here are my questions. The sport is so much fun that I am wondering when a good time would be to step it up a level say a regional or even nationals. When did you decide to make that step? I imagine there is no easy answer and the simple one is \"when you feel you are ready\". While winning is great, I think fun and meeting more great people are a good reason. Again, thanks for the great show everyone and I look forward to many, many more :)
  • Giovanni: Dear Randi and Julie, Hi ladies me and my dad listen to your show every week. I am ten years old and I shoot U.S.P.S.A., 3 gun, and Pro am. I met Randi at the 3 gun nation event in Tulsa Oklahoma. I hope to meet Julie soon. I wanted to tell you about a project I just started and see what you thought about it.  I recently started using my shooting to raise money for a veteran\'s charity called The Lone Survivor Foundation.  The Lone Survivor Foundation helps veterans that have been wounded in combat or, suffer from PTSD, overcome the challenges they face back home. I wanted to do something positive with my shooting. My dad helped me set up a facebook page to track my progress. I also have a donation page on The Lone Survivor Website Please let me know what you think.  If you can, please share this with your shooting friends
  • Jason Mather Would love to hear Julie and Randi discuss their dry fire regimen.  My biggest obstacle to doing it is actually taking the time to do it (similar issue with my treadmill).  Interested in what you practice and how you practice (i.e. do you put on all your match gear, use a timer, etc.). Great show! Thanks!
  • Chris: Got to say, great podcast! I downloaded a couple episodes to see if there would be any good info I can use for my wife. I just got her into shooting recently and even more recently bought her, her first handgun. She has actually got 2 new handguns within the past month. Bought the first, she wasn't real happy with it so I traded it and she picked yet another one. Needless to say she loves this one. She is looking forward to getting her CCW as well. I showed her videos of the both of you shooting and she could only say, \"Whoa, I wish I was that good.\" BTW I noticed you read emails on air so if you do her name is Stacey, I\'ll play it for her she will love that, in case you do read this on air. I actually subscribed to the channel and am now listening to back episodes. Thanks for what you do and keep up the great work at the matches.

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