GGP 020 - Summertime Shooting Tips

GGP 020 - Summer Shooting Tips Randi Rogers and Julie Golob spend some time talking about tips and tricks to deal with the summer heat. They cover everything from eating and drinking to planning training sessions and match preparation. They also wish all of our listeners a Happy Father's Day!

Main Topic: Summer Shooting Tips -Stay Hydrated -Snack Ideas -Handling the Heat -Stocking the Shooting Bag -Training in the Heat -Competitions

Listener Questions: Jim: You had a girl write to you asking how to recover from a bad stage. I am a guitar teacher. I tell students,when you play a bad note it\'s over as fast as you snap your fingers. Make the correction and move on. Everybody will make a mistake, it's ok... My question is do you still have training from a teacher/coach?

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