GGP 019 - 2013 Bianchi Cup Recap & Mental Shooting Tips

GGP-019 Bianchi Recap Randi Rogers and Julie Golob go over all things NRA Bianchi Cup! First, it is week in review with Julie sharing her recent appearance in the Washington Times and Randi talking about her debut in the 3Gun Nation Pro Series. Then it is Bianchi, Bianchi, Bianchi and some tips on handling pressure and maximizing your mental game.

Main Topic -Traveling to Columbia -Bianchi Cup practice range -New Match format: pro clinics, aggregate gun -Who Won! -Randi's finish: first woman to podium, plate stage winner!!! -Tips on Mental Training

Listener Questions: Email from Steve: First congrats and best wishes to Julie and baby girl. Love the show. Here\'s my question(s)for both Julie and Randi: when you go to practice what is your average session like. How long are you at the range, how many rounds do you normally fire, what drills would you normally do, how often do you practice ( and dry fire too)? Secondly how has your practices changed from when you first started moving up the ranks to being at the top of the game?

Roy Do you eat differently before a match or not?

Brandon while i shoot, all of my shots are going to the left of the 10 ring, but stays in the 9 ring. any good way of preventing this?- Bob Brandon, silly, just move the target to the left a little. . LOL.

Cathey- We didn't see as many of the professionals this year. Is Bianchi still a good draw or too competitive?

Kim Yes Randy! How do you shoot all 48 plates!!!!! Good job girl! Kim

Amanda  On the note of mental preparation how do you get over blowing a stage and not let it affect how you shoot the next day? My first stage (plates) was bad and it really messed with my head.

Leigh Ann with all of the socializing that happens at a match, how do you block out the distractions so you can concentrate on your stage without coming across in a negative way?-Matt I left Randi alone Leigh Ann! Mostly ;)

Aidan Recovering from mistakes and avoiding them in the first place would be good to know. Randi was her usual pleasant self- steady and kind. Never ceases to amaze me.

Links: -Secure Firearms Products -Midway NRA Bianchi Cup Scholarships -NRA Bianchi Cup Program with Stage and Match Info

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