GGP 018 - NRA Recap & Single Stack Nationals

GGP 018 - NRA SSN RecapRandi Rogers and Julie Golob get together to catch up after Julie absence with her new little one. Randi and Julie start out by catching up on all the fun goings on at the past NRA show and then jump in to going over the USPSA Single Stack Nationals. Randi discusses her experience at her first match and Julie reminisces with what she remembers from her past attendances.

Main Topic

  • NRA Show- What was the Women's Leadership Luncheon Like?

  • NRA- Cinco de Bane!

  • USPSA Single Stack- Basic Match Info

  • USPSA Single Stack- Courses of fire and what to expect.

  • USPSA Single Stack- What to practice if you are thinking of going to next year.

Listener Feedback

Chuck from Facebook Do you notice a difference in the stage design for SS nationals vs other major/national matches?

Skip from Facebook What was the most common manufactured gun used...

Jim from Facebook what happened at the chrono stage ?

Rick from Facebook Are there any particular type of shoes you wear during a match so that you can maintain your footing in varying weather conditions?

Eric @ Twitter Don't forget it is LEO Memorial week. Well wishes from JGG and RR goes a long way. National Police Week


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