GGP 016 - 2013 NRA Preview & Mother's Day Gift Ideas

GGP 016 - NRA PreviewJulie Golob is still out with her the newest edition to her family so Randi Rogers and Jake Challand discuss the upcoming 142nd National Rifle Association Annual Meetings and Events. Randi and Jake also touch on some gift ideas for upcoming Mother's Day.

Main Topic

  • What is the NRA Show?

  • What can attendees see at the show?

  • What are Randi and Jake looking forward to seeing at the show?

  • Mothers Day Gift Ideas!!

Listener Feedback:

Bryan - Canadian Service Conditions Radio: Love the show ladies. I initially started listening because women\'s opinions and input on shooting is a bit rare and as the father of two girls I was looking for tips on getting them involved.

Now I listen more just due to the great content on competitive shooting sports. Love it.

I wanted to throw out an idea related to small hands reaching controls on  pistols. I got this from Rob Pincus talking about how to operate pistols left handed.

Maybe try a pistol with an ambi mag release or with one on the right side of the frame, and activate it with the trigger finger, it\'s less of a reach. I'm a lefty using a 1911 and that is how I work my mag release.

As for the slide release, I just rack the slide. Being a lefty I don't have much choice. I think there are less than zero pistols on the market with a ride side slide release.  It\'s sad, we lefties get so little love in the gun industry. ha ha

John: Ladies,

I just found your podcast but I've gone back and listened to every podcast.  You're both superstars, at least among those of us that shoot.  I\'m sure that both of you do lots of meet and greets and I was wondering if you try to get out of shaking hands.  Next to your eyes your hands are important enough that shaking hands would bother me if I had your talent and skill.  Just curious, I've known some doctors that just won't shake hands because they're afraid some guy with an attitude will use a crusher grip on them.

One more question if I may.  Randi, why don't I see anyone shooting Schofield pistols in SASS?  Is there a specific rule against break open revolvers?  I've never shot SASS and I don't think there would be any great advantage in them but then again, I don't think I've ever seen anyone use one and I've looked enough on the web that I would have thought that I would have seen at least one person use one.  (Or two!)

Love the show and I'll try to get an iTunes review done for you all as soon as I can.

Eddie- I just had to write in to comment on (Episode 10) how touching and awesome this show was. I myself have an Autistic son, who is 8, as well a daughter who is 6. I love your show, which i listen to via the podcast app on my iphone while walking. I love shooting and firearms (NRA Life, NRA certified instructor, Frontsight First Family member, refuse to be a victim instructor) and think you and the guests you bring on are amazing role models. Stacy's comments were especially personal to me as we've been through all the things she has talked about as parents. Interesting too about the iPad, as it is truly a blessing of a product for my son. In fact as a UX designer I even started an iOS software company to start doing some software for autistic kids, professionals, and families, but I am not going to mention the name since the point of this message was to express appreciation and support, not to self promote.

As an aside, since this IS gun girl radio, my daughter recently saw a youtube video of a teen girl just tear it up at a 3gun competition and got very interested. then she wanted to see more videos of girls doing shooting, and now she's excited and asked me to teach her to shoot. I even started to build up an AR with Pink magpul furniture for her :-) still missing the complete upper assembly what with all the difficulties to buy stuff right now, but i'll finish it eventually! Thinking maybe i'll look into a .22 conversion kit for it as well since she's only 6! keep up the great job everyone, and all the best on your new family addition, Julie!

Allen via Twitter- you’re both active in social media what do newer or young pros need to think about when posting?

Kevin via Twitter never post anything you don’t want your grandmother to read.

Robert via Twitter my 13 y/o son is wanting to start IDPA. He wants to shoot ESP for the enhancements but I think he should start in SSP, thoughts?



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