GGP 015 - Our Favorite Shooting Sports: Bianchi

GGP 015 - Bianchi

Last in the series, Randi Rogers and Julie Golob cover NRA Action Pistol and the Bianchi Cup as one of their favorite shooting sports. Learn more about this challenging sport in another pre-recorded episode of Gun Girl Radio.

Main Topic

  • What is Bianchi and NRA Action Shooting?

  • What makes Bianchi Different from other Action Shooting Sports?

  • Courses of fire and divisions

  • 2013 Bianch Cup and finding a match near you

  • World Action Pistol Championships

  • Randi & Julie share their favorite memories


Listener Feedback:

‏@tactissy on twitter @julieG1 I am a huge fan! Love your book. What's your key competition prep step? #GunGirlRadio

@JayGraham13 on twitter @julieG1 @randimrogers How are prof. shooters able to get back on target so fast and make accurate shots #GunGirlRadio

Matt from Facebook - My s&w v-comp just came in, now I need an optic for Bianchi. I'm running low on time, any suggestions? Thanks and good luck!




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