GGP 013 - Our Favorite Shooting Sports: 3Gun with Special Guest Dianna Liedorff

GGP 013 - 3Gun In this episode Randi Rogers and Julie Golob interview Dianna Liedorff on one of their favorite shooting sports - 3-Gun! Tune in to learn about 3-Gun Nation, the women of the sport, valets, honey badgers and more!

What’s new?

Julie shares her recent podcast episode and Randi talks about her preparation for the upcoming Superstition Mountain 3-Gun match.

Main Topic

  • About Di Leidorff

  • What is 3-Gun shooting?

  • “The games within the game.”

  • What you need to shoot in 3-Gun

  • 3-Gun Nation - The show, magazine, Pro Series and grassroots development

  • 3-Gun and women

  • Tips on getting into and training for 3 Gun

  • Law enforcement participation

Listener Feedback:

  • Elaine from Facebook: Tips for getting started as well as her choice of firearms for her matches!

  • TacTissy from Facebook: Your opinion on shotgun shell carriers for 3Gun? Which one is best and what needs to be improved?

  • Scott from Facebook: Ask her if she gets her own gear ready, or if she has someone who does it for her? Kind of a valet, if you will...Tell her I said that!

  • Kerrin from Facebook: Ask her why it's important to shoot like a Honey Badger!! Dianna Liedorff is the original range Honey Badger!

  • Gilbert from Facebook: Is it harder for women to get into and shot 3 gun then men?

  • Mia from Facebook: Does she come to CO for any competitions? How will the new CO gun laws affect the competitions?


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