GGP 010 - Travel Tips

GGP 010 - Traveling TipsNow that the shooting season has officially begun, Randi and Julie are offering insight and plenty of tips on traveling to matches. Whether you’re driving or flying, tune in to this episode to learn how two pros prep for traveling to competitions. What’s new? Listen to Gun Girl Radio right on Women’s Outdoor News

Tips for Traveling to Matches

  • Planning
  • Budget
  • Registering
  • Making Reservations
  • Packing
  • Flying/Driving - Rules and Law Considerations
  • Supplies
  • Sleeping in a new place
  • Eating on the road

Listener Questions: Chris from Twitter - How do you travel with guns\equipment? Do the different state laws cause issues?

Dan ‏from Twitter -  when it comes to traveling with firearms, are their any airlines/airports that are better at it than others?

Jason from Twitter - Spent 24 hours in the car this week traveling to and from #SWIN. Any tips on car travel and maintaining flexibility?

Robert from Twitter - Is practicing with a 22 caliber slide conversion a good idea?


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