GGP 009 - Recap of the 2013 S&W IDPA Indoor Nationals

GGP 009 - Indoor Nationals RecapThe first major competition of the season, this episode of Gun Girl Radio recaps the Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor National Championships. Julie congratulates Randi on her High Lady win and has a list of questions about her match experience, stages, awards ceremony and more! Week in review - What have Randi & Julie been up to?

Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor Nationals

  • Stages
  • Lighting Conditions
  • Number of Movers
  • Accuracy Difficulty
  • Favorite Stage & Most Challenging Stage
  • Who was there
  • Fashion and the Awards Ceremony
  • University of Vermont & Coast Guard Academy support
  • Special thank you to Smith & Wesson

Listener Questions Match Specific : Leigh Ann from Facebook - What did you practice before you went to the match and do you feel it was helpful? Was it based on your pre-match review of the stage desciptions or was it based on your knowledge of your weaknesses? Also, how many women were competing this year and how many trophied? (not for the subcatagories like senior, etc.)

John from Facebook -  I would like to know how many rounds does the average (?) competitor in the Indoor Nationals fire in preparation for the match? How long before the match do competitors start training?

Ty from Facebook - Please talk about diaster factor. I was ill preparied for so many dis-appearing targets and failed to map out better order of fire. Revolvers are virtually limited vickers so getting that one and only shot (in some cases) was paramount. Yes and be sure to mention how much distance you put on the second place lady. Nice shooting Randi.

Chuck from Facebook - I'd be interested in the knowing how the low light/no light type stages went for you and what equipment/techniques seemed to offer the most advantages for those stages for you or for other shooters.

General Questions: Hayden from Facebook - What major match are you and Julie most looking forward to?

Tom from Facebook -  My daughter is 13 and really enjoys shooting. Actually she's a better shot than me with our M&P .22. She has mentioned wanting to compete and I was wondering what you would recommend for a young female shooter to start competing?

Matt -  Hello Jake's Angels, a couple of comments and a question. I wanted to encourage people to try steel even if they don't have the 5 mags.A squad mate would be more than happy to reload your mags as you swap. Steel also helped me with idpa/icore tremendously. All the draws and transitions from target to target can't be beat. Now my ?, I shoot revolver almost always but do shoot a bottom feeder occasionally.Any tips on changing platforms from match to match? Its not as smooth of a transition as I would like when the matches are close together.

Robert from Twitter - Is practicing with a 22 caliber slide conversion a good idea?

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