GGP 004 - Our Favorite Shooting Sports: SASS w/ Karen “Wicked Felina” Pearcey

The second in a series of episodes on our favorite shooting sports. Randi Rogers AKA Holy Terror joins her grandmother Karen “Wicked Felina” Pearcey talking about the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) and Cowboy Action Shooting! What is SASS?

Randi Gets SASSy

Randi and Karen talk about the origins of SASS and what Cowboy Action Shooting is. They discuss how CAS style shooting got started and some different parts of the sport like the costuming and the aliases. Karen also touches on a new part of the sport SASS Wild Bunch shooting. Both ladies share lots of personal stories and even touch on getting a junior started in a shooting sport.

Listener Questions:

  • Information about A Girl and A Gun Organization
  • What is the best way to get a female friend who has expressed an interest in shooting to get her to the range and make her feel comfortable?
  • What is the best way, as a female, to overcome male pressure?
  • Are Evil Roy and Wicked Felina going to the Las Cruces Cowboys vs. Lawmen 3 Gun Match?
  • How do you speed up your lever action rifle shooting and shotgun reloads?

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About SASS-

About Wicked Felina and Evil Roy- www.evilroy.comWicked Felina

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