GF 77 - Not to Pry

Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 77. Today we’re going to chat with Jimmy Lynch from Triarii Metalworks, Brittney thinks ARs are junk, and talk about edc tools.

Today’s panel is Shawn Herrin and I’m Ava Flanell.

Welcome to the show everyone.

Manticore Arms -

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Deconstructing the Industry - Triarii Metalworks

Hackett Equipment - (15mins in)

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Knowledge Bomb -

  • A gun can fire in space because gunpowder contains its own oxidizer.

  • Beretta is the oldest gun company in the world is established 1526 in Brescia, Italy.

  • The FBI has almost every gun ever manufactured to use as a reference to solve crimes.

  • In 2013, a Chicago man named Marco Alvarado told police who pulled him over "I'm gonna be real with you, I have a gun in my a*s." The cops then found a gun in his a*s.

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Prank call - Brittney thinks ARs are junk

Polymer80 -

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Tacti-Talk - Non knife pocket carry tools/weapons

Itunes Reviews -

Knuckleupfl - 5 Stars - Bullseye - I hate this show but I can’t stop listening to it. It’s like a ugly baby or a pug or even a can of Pringle’s keep up the subpar work so I’ll stay entertained FYI I love you a little

Nutri-Lance - 5 Stars - Great show to lighten your day - Gun Funny is a great show! I’ve been listening to FRN since it’s inception and a huge fan of WLS. Was glad to see that Ava got her own show finally. Prank calls are great. And Sean and Ava’s awkward relationship makes for good comedy. Keep up the good work!

Toddaschmidt24 - 5 Stars - Chalupa Batman thanks you! - The podcast is great and my puppy Chalupa Batman is a fan as well! Taking him on long walks around my neighborhood golf course is much easier with your voices in my ears. An hour or so for each podcast is long enough to get him out to smell all the smell along to tire the little guy out! He knows when the headphones are out in, its walk time! Keep up the good work, help me prevent Chalupa from getting fat!

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