GF 107 - Ours Was First

Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 107. Today I’m going to chat with Andrea Beasley and Kristin Tuttle from Stern Defense, talk about Walmart’s new gun-related policies, and discuss the Law Tactical Folding Adapter. 

I’m your host, Ava Flanell.

Welcome to the show everyone.

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Deconstructing the Industry - Stern Defense 

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Sportsman’s Guide - (15 mins)

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AF Segment - Walmart will bar shoppers from openly carrying guns in its stores and stop selling some ammunition in response to 2 deadly shootings link

Sharps Bros -

Q&A with Ava - Would you rather lose two fingers on one hand or one finger on each?

Polymer80 -

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Tacti-Talk - Law Tactical Folding adapter

Itunes Reviews -

Poetry_on_a_Cracker - 5 Stars - Another great show - Another great show

Unapologetically 2A - 5 Stars - Gun Funny saved my life. - So, I was listening to episode 105 driving home after a long day of work. The sound of conversation and road nose was like a lullaby and had me dozing off. Then all of a sudden that really loud stinger woke me up and kept me awake the rest of the way home. Saving my life and potential others. Listen to this podcast it’s wonderful and not boring! Thanks for being a good role model in the industry. The only thing the show is missing is an interview with Black Rambo. Keep up the good work, Ava.

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