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Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 98. Today I’m going to chat with Avery Skipalis from Skips Tactical Solutions, talk about an 1896 water pistol used for self defense, the Betsy Ross flag,  and discuss Olight edc lights. 

I’m your host, Ava Flanell.

Welcome to the show everyone.

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Deconstructing the Industry - Skips Tactical Solutions 

Sportsman’s Guide - (15 mins)

Q, LLC -

Knowledge Bomb - 1896 - The cast-iron USA Liquid Pistol

Although nominally a squirt gun, these were actually self defense weapons "Will stop the most vicious dog (or man) without permanent injury"  The trick to make these effective weapons was to load them with ammonia, which I'm going to guess would indeed stop dogs and men. 

AF Segment - Nike pulled ‘Betsy Ross flag’ shoes after Kaepernick criticism

Sharps Bros -

Q&A with Ava - Shooting guns for a living, does it ever get old?

Polymer80 -

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Tacti-Talk - Olight 

Itunes Reviews -

Poetry_on_a_Cracker - 5 Stars - Great show - Content, content, content on a regular schedule is one of the keys to YouTube success

Lowmerc54 - 5 Stars - Opening my eyes. - Ava, has had a big list of guests that has opened my eyes to our second amendment rights. Love the new products that she brings to us weekly, Very insightful, love the banter, mixed in with her comic relief, gets 5 stars from me! I think I have found a podcast worth coming back to!!

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