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Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 97. Today I’m going to chat with Curtis Hallstrom from VSO Gun Channel, talk about the drastic measures a guy took to get out of the house, a woman who got shot but is being charged with manslaughter, we’re going to discuss NRATV and the worst gun malfunction we’ve seen. 

I’m your host, Ava Flanell.

Welcome to the show everyone.

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Deconstructing the Industry - VSO Gun Channel

Sportsman’s Guide - (15 mins)

Q, LLC -

Knowledge Bomb - In 2003, a man (Rogelio Andaverde) in Texas was abducted from his home right in front of his wife by two masked men with guns. He returned two days later unharmed. Turns out he staged his own kidnapping so he could go out and party with friends.

AF Segment - Alabama woman shot in stomach charged for fetus' death; shooter goes free

Sharps Bros -

Q&A with Ava - Josh R. - What's the craziest gun malfunction you’ve ever seen?

Polymer80 -

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Tacti-Talk - NRATV

Itunes Reviews -

Beemermike - 5 Stars - Worth the listen. - Great show tons of great information without boring you to sleep. Definitely worth the wait every week. Keep up the great job.

Rock Solid ATA - 5 Stars - Great podcast! - This show has gotten better since Shawna is no longer on. Ava’s interviews not only get to the guests talking points but really help you get to know the guests. I feel like I’m listening to an old friend. And on the plus side she is a Dog person. Tac-tickles for life!

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