GF 086 - Tickles Likes Carrots

Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 86. Today we’re going to chat with Mark from Fit’n Fire, make a prank call about 2A organizations, and talk about the Ruger Security 9 Compact.

Today’s panel is Shawn Herrin and I’m Ava Flanell.

Welcome to the show everyone.

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Deconstructing the Industry - Fitnfire

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In 2004, a DEA agent named Lee Paige accidentally shot himself in the leg while giving a lecture on gun safety and claiming that "I'm the only one in this room professional enough to handle this Glock 40" Source

To demonstrate the m1917, John Browning fired the machine gun for 48 minutes straight (~21000 rounds). The US army shortly after adopted it as its standard machine gun. Source

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Prank call - Which organizations should I donate to?

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Tacti-Talk - Ruger Security 9 Compact

Itunes Reviews -

Jacob8787 - 5 Stars - Eva is a golden star - I figured I’d give this podcast a shot after Shawn promoted it on his other mediocre podcast. It’s great to have a female give her perspective on gun issues. I also enjoy Tate and his fake calls. Eva keep up the great work and Shawn just keep being mediocre at best. PS: Jeremy has two machine guns and you poors have zero.

Shooter8848 - 5 Stars - What what - It’s kinda funny, Gun Funny got pranked in the article. Maybe you should prank call him every week. The show is awesome, 2A is life

No more itunes reviews after this...dafuq?!

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