GF 085 - The Wild West

Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 85. Today we’re going to chat with Scott from Volquartsen, make a prank call about magazines, and talk about the California mag revolution.

Today’s panel is Shawn Herrin and I’m Ava Flanell.

Welcome to the show everyone.

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Deconstructing the Industry - Volquartsen Firearms

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A tank designed by the Swiss military had a bug where turning on the heater could cause the main gun to fire Source

In 2009 Kashmir, when 18-year old Rukhsana Kauser saw her parents being beaten as part of a forced marriage proposal by a militia commander, she killed one militant with an ax, gunned the commander down, then started a 4-hour gun battle with the militia. Source

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Squash_edc - Great Firearms podcast - Love the podcast! Ava and Shawn are very knowledgeable and always have amazing guests! The prank call section is always good for a laugh but it needs one more thing. I will pledge $25 for the next 3 months on patreon if you prank call the poz and can get him mad enough to get that stateside! Love the show let’s make this deal happen!!

Spdnbullitt - Gunfunny it is! - Boths hosts of this podcast are always talking sh&t about each other it’s really funny, probably one of the few podcasts I actually enjoy listening to while working a 50 hour work week! And the prank calls to the gun shops are relatable because walking into the gunshop myself I hear stupid questions like what they are asking.

TwinsBeerLife - Awesome Show - Love listening to this show while I’m driving around for work. Don’t have much in the way of guns currently but this show is very informative and has given me lots of ideas for when I start buying! Keep up the great work and bring back Ricardo!!

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