GF 056 - No Sissy Guns


Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 56. Today we’re going to chat with Reuben Aleckson from Vortex Optics, Kenny doesn’t want no sissy gun, and we’re going to talk about ZRO Delta.

Today’s panel is Dj H Bomb and I’m Ava Flave.

Welcome to the show everyone.

Manticore Arms -

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Deconstructing the Industry - Vortex Optics

Hackett Equipment - (15mins in)

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Matador Arms -

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Prank call - Kenny wants a manly gun

Polymer80 -

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Gear Chat - ZRO Delta

Reviews -

Cody Pace - Recommended - it's a pretty good show. Shawn is funny, Ava tries. baltazar is uncomfortable. good guests, cool discounts. if you send them money they send back cards full of glitter. you've been warned.

Nathan Mortensen - Recommended -

If you are looking for a show about unicorns and flowers, well this show isn't for you... Wait a minute they do talk about saving the Fat Unicorn... But for real though this podcast will always keep you on your toes! It is filled with comedy, great guests, and information about some amazing products! Plus not to mention the hosts are some pretty kick-ass genuine people.

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