GF 015 - Run Forest Run


Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 015. Today we’re going to chat with Brandy Kerrison from Iraqveteran8888, talk about Shawn’s horrible decisions, and highlight a company called Gun Metal Inc.

Today’s panel is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, and I’m Ava Flanell.

Huntac Gear -  

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Deconstructing the Industry - Brandy Kerrison

Prank call  - Instead of a prank call, we’re going to talk about Shawn’s Thanksgiving adventure.

Gear Chat - Smith & Wesson M&P Shield - Redone by Gun Metal Inc.

Itunes Reviews -

5 Stars Fatsack243 Great husband and wife pod cast

This is a good podcast. Shawn is great.

5 stars 77 Solutions -  Just Good Fun

I enjoy listening Ava be silly and talk about guns and gun culture in a way the adds humor to it but doesn't belittle anything. Just good overall energy and fun to listen to.

Winner is



Cool Stuff

Listened to three episodes so far and I enjoy it. Looking forward to listening more.


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